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If you type “moving advice” into Google, you’re greeted with roughly 1,960,000,000 results. We’re willing to bet there are at least some worthwhile insights within the pages indexed here. Perhaps you’ve already moved before, and so you don’t need nearly 2 billion pages of advice to help you do it well the next time around.

That said, even experience and advice might not make the move feel super relaxing and easy to do. That’s probably a good thing – picking up the anchor of your life and shifting it to an entirely new place is hardly anyone’s idea of recreational activity.

This does bring up a pressing point, however; you know how to move, but do you know how to move with comfort and even fun? Do you have to stress out over every little thing? We don’t believe so.

Let us take a few minutes of your time to discuss how to move comfortably, and unapologetically, and perhaps schedule a more convenient, relaxing process next time. This way, you can focus on the practices that matter, like rebooking your utilities or settling into the new abode:

Furnish Your Car Appropriately

It’s good to provide all the car comforts you need when taking a long-distance commute from home to home. You might purchase travel pillows for your children and partner so they can sleep for most of the journey. You might implement a comforting playlist to keep the ride entertaining. Purchasing a top box or pulling a small trailer along with your vehicle can also help you place the luggage comfortably so you won’t have suitcases and bags on everyone’s lap during the ride. Also, never discount the value of a cooler box for lunches and refreshments. A quick picnic at a park in the middle of the day can break up the intensity of driving.

Book Accommodations On The Way

It’s always good to book a hotel or even a small bed and breakfast if you’re traveling a relatively far distance. Or, perhaps you just don’t want to drive for more than five or so hours a day with a small baby. Booking these comforts will help you sit back, relax, sleep in a warm bed, have a shower, and then get back to the road in the morning. It’s not hard to see the comfort of such an approach.

Craft A Moving Comfort Kit

A comfort kit can be a small box filled with kids’ toys, blankets, books, sachets of coffee and tea, sweets and cookies, clothes for warmth if you need them in winter, and whatever else you might need when moving into your home for the first time. For instance, a separate “priorities box” to bring your kettle and pillows with you as soon as you move in can allow you to settle and gather your thoughts before meeting your removalist service, and then moving on with the rest of the unpacking.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy the comforts of moving home, rather than solely feeling stressed.

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