The holidays are fast approaching. To make your holiday shopping a lot easier this year, I have put together a list of holidays gifts under $30 that includes all of your kids’ favorites!

Helix Power by YULU

Swing a football-shaped power swing that can be launched over 350 feet. This fun outdoor toy is designed to let your kids show off their throwing potential and power.

This toy features a plastic string that helps to create even more speed and allows the ball to be thrown really far.

Great for multiple players, the Helix Power Swing is meant for kids ages six and up and has a retail price of $9.99.

Tic Tac Tongue

Ready for a one-on-lizard battle? Tic Tac Tongue is a fun game meant for ages and up. Players face each other using cute lizard masks and try to knock over the correct insect card pulled by a third player. The winning lizard is the one who knocks over the most insects in the shortest amount of time.

Providing lots of silly fun, Tic Tac Tongue is great for family night, parties, and play dates.

The game includes four lizard masks with washable mouthpieces and tongues, along with ten target cards and ten game cards.

Pacemaker Extreme

Another YULU toy that is great for multiple players and party settings, Pacemaker Extreme is a new launch. In this fun, fast thinking game, players try to outsmart their opponents and keep the pace.

The game is set for two to eight players, lasts about fifteen minutes, and its meant for kids ages fourteen and up.

With four different play modes, this game demands your close attention. If you miss the beat, you get shocked! You can also choose a mode where there is no shock involved, but where is the fun in that?

Pacemaker Extreme retails for $24.99 and is sold exclusively at Target.

Spy Code Hackathon

This interactive family game is set up for two to nine players. It’s a new addition to the YULU spy series and is meant for ages eight and up.


To master the game, players need to work together. One player ( the operator) is in charge of hacking the console, but he needs the help and advice of the other members of his team to crack the code. The operator is the only one who can look at the console while the rest of the players use the information and instructions in the manual to help him in this task.

The game has eight modules to solve with multiple plays, requires three AAA batteries, and usually takes about twenty minutes to play.

Cut the Wire

Keep the spy action rolling with this YULU game in which you have to show off your super spy skills and disarm the ticking device before it goes off!

Players need to defuse the bomb while making sure to follow clues and hints to avoid to cut the wrong wire.

This action-packed game is for ages six and up and is great for multiple players.

Cut the Wire retails for $24.99.

Helix Hyperball

Also from the YULU family, Helix Hyperball is a 2.5-inch ball with a unique swing and fling play pattern that can travel over 150 feet at super-fast speeds.

This game is a simple yet entertaining way to keep the kids outdoors and away from screens, no batteries needed.

Available in three different colors, the Hyperball has a retail price of $4.99 and is for kids ages four and up.

Flying Sushi Kitchen

This new, super fun, fast-paced game by Redwood Ventures challenges players ( up to five) to fill up their sushi order before they run out of time. Seems easy enough, right? But this is where the challenge comes into play: the sushi is floating in mid-air, and you need to grab it with the provided chopsticks!

The first player to make a total of $25 in sushi orders is the winner and master sushi chef.

Not handy with the chopsticks? No worries! The game includes chopsticks trainers that players can attach to their chopsticks and makes them easier to use.

Players draw and order a card from the deck and load the sushi balls that are pictured on the card to complete the order correctly. The card will also let you know if this is a regular order (sixty seconds to fill) or a rush order, in which case you only have forty-five seconds!

This game is lots of fun for kids ages five and up and any adult who is up for the challenge!

The retail price for the Flying Sushi Kitchen is $24.99

Smooshy Mushy Series 4: Cup ʼn Cakes

Also from Redwood Ventures, these adorable little creatures are perfect for kids ages five and up who like to collect squishy toys.

The new Smooshy Mushy Series 4: Cup ʼn Cakes features eight new sweet-smelling pet- and food-themed besties packaged in colorful cocoa to-go cups. Each cup is sealed, so you do not know which character you are getting until you open your cocoa cup and reveal your new and fragrant squishy friend.

Each cup comes with a Smooshy pet, its mystery bestie, a name tag, a mini to-go cup with two ball chains for display, and a sticker.

Cups are sold separately and have a price tag of $14.99.

Stikbot Monsters

New from Zing and with a whopping 360 million views on YouTube, the Stikbot Monsters are the perfect creative tool for kids ages four and up.

Unleash your kid’s creative side with these easy-to-pose figures that can stick pretty much to any surface thanks to the suction cups on their hands and feet. They can even be used to create your own stop-motion movie! Thanks to the free Stikbot app—which is available for iOS and Android—your kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a movie.

The app offers built-in sound effects and music, and users can share their masterpiece with the rest of the world using #Stikbot.

There are six different Stikbot Monsters with a price tag of $4.99 each and three Stikbot Mega Monsters, which are twice as big and run $ 9.99 each.

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