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My husband is a huge soccer fan and played soccer for many years as a hobby, so the minute our daughter could play soccer at age 5, he introduced her to the game…As a matter of fact, she was very familiar to soccer and soccer fields since she was born because we used to go to the field with my husband.

A little soccer player and her coach

She started playing soccer at age 5 and now at age 11 she plays soccer almost year around and loves it.

My husband started coaching her team since day one and has been very involved in training not only our daughter but the whole team of future soccer players.

If you ask me, he likes training the girls as much as he loved playing the game and is always looking for ways to improve their game and performance on the soccer field.

The challenges

One of the biggest challenges he has as a coach is to teach the girls how to dribble the ball… As you can imagine, trying to teach a group of girls that might not be all there when it comes to coordination, can be pretty challenging.


The magic ball

Soccer is growing in popularity every year and more and more people follow this sport.

In a generation in which everything is getting smarter, it was just a matter of time before someone figured out a way to bring technology into the soccer field. Just over 1 year ago, on August 17, 2017, DribbleUp launched the first soccer ball with augmented reality on Kickstarter.

Amazing right?

Using the dribble up app, which is available for both Android and iPhones, and through the use of your smartphone camera, the DribbleUp app follows the ball in real time and produces thousands of data points into training feedback.

To make the whole experience even better, you get a personal virtual coach that guides you through the drill, provides you with instant feedback, and gives performance results at the end of the training section.

Love at first sight

My husband was really excited to try this smart soccer ball and help our daughter and maybe even the team as they can now practice the drills from home.


Both my husband and my daughter love the DribbleUp ball and she loves using her “ personal trainer” with her teammates at home!

The next level up

The DribbleUp ball and app is the best way for any young soccer aficionado to up their game from the comfort of the home.

What can it do for your game?

You can use the DribbleUp ball for training and for freestyling!

A must have for any young soccer player that wants a way to practice and improve soccer skills. From a soccer coach’s points of view, it’s a handy tool and the best way to ensure kids will actually practice at home.

You can choose from a size 4 and size 5 real soccer ball with a free smartphone stand or the upgraded stand for smartphones and tablets.

The DribbleUp ball has a retail price of $ 89.99 and $104.99 for the standard phone stand and the upgraded phone and tablet stand respectively

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