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As a parent, I try to motivate my kids to learn and develop new skills on a daily basis. Knowledge is never a bad thing, and I try to encourage my kids to learn about art, language, and anything that could be an asset in life.

My daughter has shown interest in sketching, crafts, and learning other languages, which is great! I speak English and Spanish and try to inspire my kids to learn as many languages as they can.

My daughter was a little hesitant when she was younger but has decided she wants to learn Spanish now. She has also expressed a lot of interest in sketching and painting.

There are affordable ways to help your kids with these skills. Because a tutor or art class is not within our possibilities at the moment, I am always trying to find other alternatives that are more budget-friendly and still allow my daughter to explore her artistic side.

smART sketcher

A few days ago, I came across something that I expect to be a hot-selling holiday present this season and that makes a wonderful addition to any household with kids ages five and up.

The smART sketcher is a compact smart projector that allows your kids to easily trace and sketch pretty much anything they want. The smART sketcher allows your kids to practice their artistic skills and learn how to draw through the images that are already loaded in the projector or the app, which lets the little artists take images and then trace them with the help of the projector.

The set-up is really easy, and the smART sketcher is very user-friendly.

There are two ways to power up your smART sketcher. You can either use the adapter included with your sketcher or use four D batteries, which are not included with your unit but would make it a lot more portable.

More than Just Drawing

There are more than fifty activities, including learning letters and spelling! And I love how you can use your own pictures from your phone or tablet. Extension packs for different activities can also be added to the ones you already have.

Meant for kids ages five and up, the smART sketcher is a great tool for anyone looking to learn and practice drawing and sketching, not just kids.

The smART sketcher comes with an AC adapter—yes, a real AC adapter, not the plug-into-the-computer adapters but the real deal so your unit can go anywhere you go. It also comes with a mini SD card for added images, and you can download the free app for even more images and fun. You can use your own photos through the SD card and the app.

The light on the smART sketcher is strong enough to use during daylight, but as with many tracing devices, it works better in a dim room.

The smART sketcher will provide hours of family fun—yes, the whole family can really enjoy using this little machine. Seriously, this is an adult toy as well.

Win it:
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