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Kids are open to learning from a very young age and you would be amazed at the things that they can achieve. When they receive the proper incentive and stimulation, kids are more open to learning when they have fun…The trick is finding the right tools to help them learn while having fun. Getting them a tutor is a good way to get them on the right path, just make sure you get the right tuition rates. Getting them toys that will spark their interest is also a smart way to get them to learn.

Building blocks and construction sets are some of the most popular tools to encourage the younger members of the family to logically think and promotes creativity along with imaginative play!

I have always been a big fan of learning through play and I introduced my kids to fun toys that promote learning from a very young age. I did it with my daughter and I still do and I am now doing it with my 2 years old son as well.

The proper tools

Finding the right toys and games to help kids learn while they are having fun is really important and I have tried several different brands and games that promote learning through playing.

Learning resources

I have tried different toys and methods to help them learn through play. Learning resources have an amazing selection of toys that are perfect for that and I especially like their Gear! Gear! Gear! Series. It brings parents looking for STEM toys and fun options for learning through play with a complete line of products targeting different age groups. Your kids will continue playing with the same line of toys they love as they grow.

The Gear! Gear!Gear! a line is meant for kids as young as 2 years and up to 5 years old!

The line includes toys like the flower garden build and spin for toddlers 2 years and up and features a cute and fun hands-on little flower garden that promotes fine motor skills, color matching, and engineering.

learning throug play, leraning resources

The extra big pieces fit easily into the large gears for a mixed and match playing experience that your kids will love. Once all the pieces are in the right place, your kids can turn the knob piece and watch them move!

Grow along with your kids

For kids 3+ Learning resources have a few different choices like the robot factory building set that allows little builders to create their own robot factory. The brightly colored set promotes the development of sorting, matching. They will learn about cause and effect while igniting the kid’s imagination and eye and hand coordination along with color matching and identification.

STEM Toys, learning through play

Kids 4+

For kids 4+ check out the Movin’ Monkeys set! Your kids will love the hands-on building with over 100 pieces to build the monkey playground. Your kids will have a blast putting all the pieces together and then when all is set and placed in the right spot, they can use the handle on the set to get the monkeys moving!

Toys, learning through play toys

This set is a great introduction to STEM and promotes imaginative play, engineering along with cause and effect.

All the pieces in the Gear! Gear! Gear! Line are interchangeable so your kids can keep adding to the fun as they get older!

They have different size and price range sets that would make a wonderful Easter basket addition!

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