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Ahoy Mattie, it is summer and a really steaming one here in Florida, so we are expecting to have a lot of indoors playtime inside the house.  Over the next few days, to keep things interesting, I have added some new pieces to my kid’s playroom that my son absolutely loves.


Playmobil has done it again

If you have been reading this blog, then you probably know we are big Playmobil fans, you know that iconic brand that has been entertaining kids for decades and has been such a key factor for pretend play in millions of homes around the globe.

Among the Playmobil latest releases, you will find two sets that are perfect for any little one 18 months and up.  The Playmobil 1.2.3 Pirate ship features a bright and colorful design with rounded pieces to prevent little sailors from getting hurt and has an actual water cannon that your kids will absolutely love.

Bring it along during bath time for even more fun as the ship floats! The set includes the captain and of course the first mate along with a parrot ( you can’t have a pirate’s ship without a parrot, right?), treasure and a couple of other accessories to ensure this sailing adventure will be fun from beginning to end!


Want to add to the fun?  The Playmobil 1.2.3 Pirate Island is the best!


Featuring bright colors and rounded pieces, this set is a perfect add-on to the pirate ship set and a great way to get your kids started on their matching skills as the sea creatures in the island can be removed and the kids can put them back in their corresponding slots.

The set includes one figure, a sea turtle, shovel, and a couple of other accessories and is expected from Playmobil.  The figures and different pieces in the set are made with quality material and attention to details.


There are many, and I mean many, different sets offered by Playmobil that makes it really easy to keep adding different scenarios to the complete pretend to play world that does not need of any apps or batteries!  Your kids can have a great time with old-fashioned pretend to play, you know the way it used to be when we were kids, and I loved it!

The Playmobil sets are meant for different ages and will grow with your kids as they expand their pretend play frontiers!

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