Summer is officially here and it is a steaming hot one here in south Florida! Kids, of course, do not care about heat, all they want to do is have fun this summer which, trust me, I understand. So I am left with the task to find ways to allow them to have fun while keeping an eye out and preventing them from becoming overheated Oh, the joys of parenthood!


The beach is a must this summer
The beach is, of course, a must and kids are already asking to spend more time at the beach. So, what do you pack for a successful day at the beach? The first thing on my list, is sunscreen followed very closely by water, you do want to keep them hydrated at all times.


An umbrella is always a good idea, especially if there is no place for shelter from the sun at the beach you are visiting.


Do not forget to bring a mat or something to sit on, it would be especially useful during lunch or snack time!


One thing that is also high on the priority list is a beach basket with toys and elements to keep kids entertained. This year I am including the 20pc Deluxe Beach Basket from American Plastic toys.
For my kid’s delight, the set includes a large carrying tote that can hold all the essentials and can be easily carried with one hand.

This stackable, handy tote, comes with a lid that doubles as a sieve, but better yet, the basket includes all your kids will need to create their sandy creations and have a blast at the beach!


Add even more fun with a long wooden – hand-held, ocean-themed roller. Just press and roll it over damp sand and your kids will have an imprint of a starfish, crabs, and seashells to complete their day at the beach.

Don’t feel like going to the beach?
Because not every day is right for a trip to the beach, I like to keep my options open and have a handful of toys and activities that would allow my kids to still have fun this summer.

For the little one
Because my kids are 8 years apart, I have to make sure I have age-appropriate activities for both of them. My son loves playing with water ( what kid doesn’t?) so I have included a Mega Mellon Sprinkler ball that is great for kids 4+.

As a matter of fact, this is one toy that both my kids and friends love. This 3 feet tall Mega Melon Sprinkler ball is a great fun as the inflatable melon sprouts water from four different fountains to get the water fun going!


Great options to cool down your kids this summer and have them run around without leaving the backyard.


For older kids?
For my 11-year-old and friends, I have added to splashing fun for the summertime, the Splash Out game which they love!

Great for play dates, this super fun game includes 20 water-resistant cards from different categories, and players must give examples before they can turn the ball over as the timer ticks down.


Want to make it even more fun? Swap the water for other liquids like juice or even slime ( outdoors please). The game can be played indoors or outdoors, but I prefer to keep the action outside the house!


The Tidal Storm is another great option for water outdoors fun.

Are your kids having friends this summer? These water blasters are lots of fun and an excellent way to keep the whole group away from electronics for an all-time water fun time.

The Battle Monster Dual Function Pressurized Water Blaster, can shoot water up to 38 feet and have two different blast modes. You can choose from a constant blasting by hooking it up to a garden hose, or a pump action. Both boys and girls love these water blasters and they also come with adjustable water nozzles… Word of advice, keep plenty of towels on hand!

Some indoors fun
Because not all days are good for outdoors, you can still make the best out of the day and add some indoors games to keep the kids entertained and electronics free.


I love to pretend play and encourage my kids to have some of the traditional ways to have fun with no plugs or batteries involved.


Both my kids love the cute little characters and sets by Calico Critters, with tons of figures, sets, and accessories to chose from, and are great to collect.

What I like to do, is to add some different characters or accessories to their existing collection, on special occasions, and kids love growing their Calico Critters family.

This summer, they are getting the Cozy Cottage set that is meant for kids 3+ and it’s a great starting set for kids. They are ready for play right out of the box. The set includes the adorable cottage, Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, kitchen cabinet/stove combination, a comfy bed, and more!

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