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I am always on the look for new toys that encourage my kids to use their imaginations and that allow them to take a peek at the wonderful world of pretend play. Yes, I am referring to battery-free, screen-free toys, and The Field model toys are right up my alley.

The toys, which are created in Ireland, are new to the US market, They offer real-world, screen-free sceneries to trigger and encourage your kid’s imaginative play. They feature lavish green grass enclosed with traditional wooden farm gates and farm animals to bring the scene to life.

What Kid Doesn’t Love a Farm?

Kids have always loved farms and the animals that come along with them, and in a world in which the simple joy of creating your own imaginative realm is slowly drifting away, I am committed to giving my kids the pleasure of simple and healthy ways to learn and enjoy themselves.


Winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product awards, The Field is a very well-constructed toy with excellent craftsmanship and attention to details.

The Field is a  fun  and educational toy that is meant for kids ages three and up and that allows your kids to disconnect and retreat to their own small green space. No computers, no TV, and no batteries. Just kids playing the same way we used to years ago.

The farm scenes are great for quiet play, and they help your kids with creativity, problem-solving, and the development of abstract thinking, along with the development of social skills. It’s also an excellent sensory toy thanks to the different textures within the set. You can add extra animals to grow your kid’s pastures, and you have an endless source of fun and learning.

The set comes with a certificate of ownership that can be filled in with your kid’s information, which they will absolutely love!


The price tag on the half-acre set is $34.99, which makes it a very accessible toy and an excellent choice this holiday season.

The field is available at Amazon and comes with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

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