Are you one to set up goals at the beginning of every year?

 I usually make a list of anything between 5 and 10 goals to try and achieve every year.

It can be something as small as getting up early or as big as a trip somewhere.

This year I started my new year’s resolution with some personal goals and some health goals as well.

Keep it real

I have found that the best way to achieve my new year’s resolutions and goals is to set up realistic goals; otherwise, I am setting myself up to disappoint me, which can result in giving up on those goals.

Like every year, one of my main goals is health and fitness, as I want to be the best version of me, I can be, and I am not quite there yet.

Going back to the gym

I was doing pretty good a few months ago but had some health issues, and between one thing and the other, I have been putting up my workout routine… No more.

Going back to boxing and boot camp… I am returning 45 in just a few days, and I feel like it is now, or never, so I need to get my behind up and start getting the workout I need.

I know that once I start, everything falls into place, but dang, it is hard to get started!

First things first

This year, I got myself a nice fit desk calendar with an inspirational quote for each day of the year and tips to live life fit, which might sound silly, but have actually been very encouraging and helps me to stay focused on my goal.

Eating healthy is the first step

Because what we need is key to a healthier, fitter lifestyle, I make sure portions, and more importantly, the food I put on my plate is not only but healthier for starters. More so, I use an air fryer that uses no oil at all for things that need to fry, and it’s healthier and equally tasty!

Water is also essential

Water is key to a good diet and exercises plan health in general, and that is why I like to carry around and take it with me everywhere I go.

I have been doing this for years, and it is the best way to get your water in, but for some reason, I stop filling up my water bottle, and you guessed it, I needed up drinking more sodas and not as much water.

Not any more

The very first thing I did at the beginning of the year was to get myself a new BPA free (of course) vacuum insulated water bottle that allows me to wither sip from a straw or chug as much water as you want when I need it and has a lid cover to keep my straw germ free!

I am one of those people that need my cold drinks to be cold and love the Vacuum insulation that keeps my drinks cold for longer, and prevents condensation from forming… Not worrying about leaving wet mark rings anywhere.

With grooves molded into the sides of the 24-ounce bottle, which is what I have, and a built-in carrying handle that prevents the chug cap from being lost.

They also have a plastic version, but I am quite content with the stainless steel one… Love my bottle, I guess you can say I am a bit picky, but hey, I like things that make my life easier and if it can also help me avoid disposable water bottles, I am all in!