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To lose weight, you have to develop an obsession with exercise. Seen as it’s boring and hard work, this is one of the most difficult challenges. But, savvy weight losers have a trick up their sleeve and it’s called sport. Taking part in a competitive game is an excellent way to burn calories and work out the muscles. Plus, it’s enjoyable so you don’t even consider it as exercise. Nope, you just don the right gear and race to the start line.


Like all physical activity, some sports are better for weight loss than others. Surfing is a fantastic hobby because it is a strenuous workout. Not only that, but it has an endurance element too. However, unless you are from Australia or the west coast, it won’t be familiar.


With that in mind, here are five tips to surf your way slim that doesn’t include getting eaten by a shark!


Enjoy It


Having fun is a vital ingredient of taking part in sport to lose weight. Because games are enjoyable, they make people want to do them over and over again. Surfing is no different, and there will be an inevitable honeymoon period. Trying to stand up on a board and catch a wave is like s drug at first. After you move up in levels, the addiction can begin to wane and that is when your participation levels might drop. The key is to find a way to keep it interesting, which is pretty simple if you are a surfer. Lots of wave-riders love to hit the ocean in the early morning. Not only are the lanes free, but the atmosphere is intoxicating. There’s nothing like sitting on a board watching the sun rise over the coast. Or, you can compete in competitions to increase the challenge level.


Don’t Do It Alone


If you have seen Jaws, the idea of going into the sea alone won’t appeal. Not to trivialize shark attacks, but the odds of being bitten are longer than getting struck by lightning. Still, it’s nice to have company in the water, which is where a surf group comes in handy. When there are people by your side, you don’t feel as scared about being vulnerable. And, that means you are more likely to catch a wave two, three or four times a week. Friends are also important because they add a sense of guilt. Letting yourself down is straightforward, but no one wants to get in a loved one’s way. By being responsible for others, it forces you to work out for their sake as well as your own.


Dress To Impress


Depending on the body of water, it can be cold out in the ocean. The last thing you want to do is to freeze, which is why your clothing has to be on point. For starters, a wetsuit or a dry suit is essential. They don’t stop the water completely, but they do insulate your body and prevent heat loss. A rashguard is another piece of kit that you don’t want to leave at home. Pressing your body against a rough surface leads to painful rashes, and you will want to stop them if possible. A polyester t-shirt will do the job, as well as protecting you from UV rays. Once out of the water, Billabong clothing is a great way to keep warm and prevent sunburn. Quicksilver is another brand which is synonymous with surfers, too.


Don’t Rely On The Tide


Surfing is fantastic for weight loss because it works all of the body’s muscles. And, it does it for lengthy periods. Of course, cheats do exist and they can reduce the pressure you put on the body. It sounds like something you should do, yet it’s not good for shedding the pounds. Allowing the tide to drift you back out into the ocean means your arms and legs are taking a rest. By paddling instead, they will constantly work out, as will the cardiovascular system. The result is an excellent mixture of aerobic and anaerobic activity.



Take A Break


Sitting on a beach watching surfers hit the waves doesn’t seem like a smart weight loss move. But, it’s one of the best ways to increase your time in the water. Here’s how it works. By resting, the muscles and vital organs get to take a break. After fifteen to thirty minutes, they will be ready to go again. At this point, you can jump on the board and get back in the sea. A couple of breaks in a session can allow you to surf harder for longer.


Guys and girls, now has never been a better time to get back into the water.

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