I recently reached a very special milestone in my life. Just a couple of weeks ago, I had my 13th wedding anniversary, and I cannot believe how much my life has changed in the last two decades.

I moved to a different country (again), got married, had two beautiful kids, got an adorable puppy, and moved to our dream home—all of that in just a little over a decade.

Everything started with meeting my husband, of course, which was something totally out of the blue and very unexpected. I was coming out of a long-distance relationship and was totally opposed to jumping into another relationship of the sort.

I was living in Spain at the time, and my now-husband was spending some time overseas working for a phone company when a mutual friend introduced us.

You see, he was dating the mutual friend sister and had just ended that relationship when we met over the Internet (which was another oddity because I was very suspicious about online relationships, but since we had a friend in common, I let it slide).

We hit it off very quickly and soon started talking about me moving to the US, which was driving my friends and family crazy. After all, I just met the guy!

He came to visit Spain, and the visit went relatively well—except for the time he made me cry because I did not know how to read a map. (Thank goodness for Waze because I am still what you might call directional challenged!)

Then he went to the Dominican Republic to meet my parents, and I went to the states to meet his family. We decided to take a leap of faith and got married just six months after we met. That was 13 and a half years ago.

We have been through a lot, and I would be lying if I said I had not wanted to kill the guy more than once in that period, but hey, no one is perfect! And I am pretty sure he has had the same type of feelings about me more than once through the years.

The truth is that I love my husband. I love our family and the life we have created together, and I could not be more grateful to that friend who introduced us all those years ago.

This anniversary was somewhat very special in my mind, maybe because against all the odds, we are still together, and while we often joke about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, we are not going anywhere.

I wanted to mark the occasion with a special gift—something different from what I have ever gotten from him—and I decided to go with a very special watch.

While I have gotten him a wooden watch before, this time I went with a new and stunning version: a hybrid.

A Wooden Watch with a Changeable Leather Band

I had been dying to find a nice wood and leather watch for my husband, and this double hitter is just perfect for the occasion.

It has a beautiful, classic design emphasized with gorgeous materials, making the striking sphere the focal point of the piece.

Covered by a domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and buttressed with brush steel and hardwoods, the Blue Tiger’s Eye and Ebony Harper Watch will not only make an impression on the recipient but will also turn heads everywhere he wears it.

What I love the most about this watch is not only the beautiful materials and eye-catching yet minimalist design but the fact that the watch comes with a leather strap, as well as a wood strap, giving one watch two different looks!

Yes, the hubby will be very pleased with his new watch. I did a great job this year if I do say so myself.

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