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This summer is certainly a hot one, which makes enjoying the outdoors a bit challenging. But there are ways around the heat to spend time outdoors and still have a great time without melting to the bones.

Creating that nice and inviting outdoors oasis is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is add the right elements to make the most of your backyard and outdoor spaces.
We live in Florida, and it is hot and humid out, so we have opted for a large teak chair and ottomans. Teak holds up in the weather pretty well, and the cushions—which are a deep red—can be updated easily, so you have the option to change the look of your outdoor furniture without having to get a completely new set, which makes it budget friendly.

Add Some Fans

Depending on your setup and backyard size, one or two outdoors fans can help you to cool down and keep pesky bugs and mosquitoes away.

A Hammock

If you want to have the ultimate outdoor space, adding a hammock would make it not only fashionable but a great hangout spot for the whole family!

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is very important when you are spending time outdoors. No matter if you are moving or not, heat can cause real struggles, and stay hydrated is paramount.

To make sure you don’t forget your water intake, set a small table with ice water in a covered spot in the backyard. You can always add some healthy natural flavors to your water. Mint, lemon, and cucumber make a refreshing and delicious combination to add some flavor to your drinking water.

Add a Patio Umbrella

Extend the covered part of your outdoor space and add a patio umbrella like this Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella. It’s is perfect for any outdoor space.

The Abba patio umbrella comes in five different colors to match your décor needs and preferences, and the easy set up took me only 15–20 minutes.

The umbrella features as 11-foot shade diameter. It can easily shade a 72-inch oval or rectangular table with 6–8 chairs, which can seriously increase your usable, shaded outdoor spaces. It can even be used to create different seating spaces.

The patio umbrella is made from polyester fabric that is sun resistant, long lasting, fade resistant, and easy to clean, and it offers 98% UV protection.

These umbrellas are built to last and to add a nice visual element to your backyard.

The best feature besides the easy setup and sturdy construction? The umbrella is really easy to use. It opens and closes with a crank lifting system, and has a five-position vertical tilt function to adjust to your needs as the sun moves and changes positions throughout the day.

I love this umbrella, and one thing I would recommend is investing a bit more and adding the weights, which are not included with the umbrella. They will help you to keep it in place in case of unexpected wind change.

A must-have for outdoor parties and get-togethers this summer!

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