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Officially it is summer and super hot here in south Florida and even though we are getting some rain, it is steaming hot! Needless to say, I keep my fans running all day long…We just moved to a two-story house and we have one air conditioner upstairs and one downstairs.


We keep the air conditioner in the upper 70’s because we are trying not to get hit with a huge electric bill, but by the same token, I can not deal with heat very well…Funny for someone born and raised in the Dominican Republic!


Keep them running

What do I do to fight the heat? I keep the fans in whichever room I am presently and yes, I turn them off when I leave the room and that usually does the trick. But the one room we spend most of our time it does not have a fan, I am talking about the living room. While we will probably add a fan to the living room at some point, it is not in our immediate plans.


My solution?

A small, portable/ table fan that is lightweight and compact so I can move it to any room (laundry room, garage…You get the idea).

Trustee Remote Table Fan

My main concern was portability and storage, as I need to store the fan easily when not in use and did not want a portable fan that would take up too much space. The Trustech Remote Table Fan works great for me, as it is lightweight which is great when I want to move to another room and bring the fan with me.

The table fan has a very convenient carrying handle, three different speed levels and comes with a remote control, and displays the room temperature!

I am really happy with this table fan and love the different functions, but if I have to pick a favorite, I would have to say it is the room temperature display.


The unit is not too big but delivers a great deal of fresh air and is able to move the air and bring the temperature to a more comfortable setting really quickly.


I cannot deny that the remote control is a very sweet feature and really I like being able to change the setting using a remote control.


The timer feature is also a neat thing to have as I can set a time for my fan to operate and not have to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off.


The three different modes allow you to get more or less air, and control the noise level. Even though the fan is actually very quiet, it can get even quieter when used in the sleep mode.