Are you a DIYer? The husband and I try to tackle as many home projects as possible not only for the financial aspect of it but we actually enjoy getting our hands on small home projects around the house and our latest project is an upgrade in a small townhouse that we have for rent.

We are extremely busy at the moment because we are actually finally moving from the condo to a single family home and of course we are doing most of the moving ourselves, but the townhouse really needs some TLC in one of the bathrooms so we opted for a simple and convenient solution that would not take as much time as a traditional bathroom update.

UPstile by Delta Faucet

For this project, we decided to install a Delta wall set that is a simpler, customizable option that is not as time-consuming and will allow refreshing the look in the bathroom. Why did we decide to go with the UPstile system?


The answer is quite simple, The UPstile Wall System is an easier to install, less expensive solution for a trendy bathroom upgrade.
These wall systems offer you the ability to create a beautiful look of a tiled shower that can be personalized. These direct to stud UPstile systems are made with quality materials and attention to details for a custom look and finish.


This setup features recessed tile channel that is primed for individual customization and allows me to choose the best tile for the project. Even better yet, the systems are made from sturdy, easy-to-clean ProCrylic material, which is easier to install than tile and it is also easier to clean which is great for the tenant and for us as we want something that will last a long time and will withstand wear and tear!

Stay tuned I will share this project as soon as we get started!

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