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We have a small rental townhouse that needed some serious TLC in one of the bathrooms. We wanted to keep it simple and hassle-free while being as budget-friendly as possible, so we decided to go with an UPstile Wall System by Delta Faucet.

Delta UPstile

The main reason we chose the UPstile for this project was that this wall system is pretty easy to install. It’s a less expensive solution for a hip bathroom upgrade, which is exactly what we needed for this project.

The great thing about this UPstile wall system is that it allows you to create a nice-looking tiled shower that can be personalized in a fraction of the time with a lot less aggravation and effort than a traditional tile wall.

The UPstile system is a direct-to-stud wall system designed to create a nice bathroom set up that you can choose to leave as is or add a more personal detail by adding some tiles to create a more elegant and stylish look. We decided to add some tile that would add a more personal look.



The complete set up was pretty easy to install. The hardest part of the project was the demolition and cleanup of the old tub and tiles. Plus, we found that some plumbing issues that needed the assistance of a professional plumber—nothing related to the UPstile but the old tub that was in the house before.



Once the wall system was installed, all that was left to do was some patchwork and painting, of course, and voila! The project was done! I love the clean look on the walls and how easy they are to clean now, which is just perfect for this property. The tiles brought everything together, and honestly, this little bathroom looks a lot better than I expected going into this project!


The bathroom is pretty small, and there is not really much you can do to it without getting into a major renovation project, which certainly not what we wanted to do. But the UPstile gave us the chance to give the room a facelift and more clean look to this small bathroom. It looks a lot more inviting than it did before.


The UPstile wall system and tubs are available in different sizes to meet your needs, and there is a wide selection of tiles that can be added to this set to make the design as unique as you want to.

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