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We are living in what I like to call the DIY times. More and more people are joining this creative trend that is become a whole new lifestyle.

The ease of information and access to different sources make these projects a lot easier to do than they were years ago, and while it might be in a creative vein, the challenge and satisfaction of doing something by yourself makes DIY kind of addictive.

So Much to Learn

Human nature makes us want to learn new things, and this generation has a world of information at its fingertips. Now is the time to let that creativity take charge and experiment with different activities—crafts, home improvement, cooking, and beauty are just some of the DIY projects that people take on every day.

Savings Are Good Motivator

Savings are certainly a good motivator and a very powerful one. But the truth is that even if savings are the initial motive, you feel a sense of pride when you accomplish something by yourself no matter how simple it might be. It is human nature after all.

Beauty Is a Big One

Every day, there are thousands of Google searches for beauty DIYs and hacks—to learn how to accomplish a certain look, hairstyle, and so on. I, for example, started to dye my hair at home about a year ago, and my hair bill went from $70.00 to $15.00, which is a big difference and got me hooked on beauty DIYs.

My Latest Find

Beauty is one of the subjects that is constantly changing and evolving, and new advances and products make taking care of your beauty needs a lot easier.

The ENVIE Hair Straightening System eliminates curly frizzy hair for up to 90 days using no harsh chemicals ENVIE got me with no harsh chemicals part, but the fact that this system uses a simple process has its advantages too.


The system includes four different products to complete the process and involves about ten easy-to-follow steps. The instructions are user-friendly, and you can find them on the ENVIE website. Are you more of a visual learner? ENVIE has a nice video that you can follow too.

It takes roughly an hour for the whole process to be completed, but there are no difficult steps, and you should have no problem following the instructions. Just set aside some time for your beauty treatment and start working on your hair one section at a time.


To apply this system, you will need a few tools:

• Blow Dryer
• Flat Iron
• Roller or Paddle Brush
• Wide Tooth Comb
• Towels
• Small Bowl
• Hair Coloring Brush
• Hair Clips

Gather all your tools, put some music on, and start your DIY hair straightening process.

Did I mention the financial motivation? The ENVIE straightening system retails for only $34.99 with free S&H!

The system includes clarifying shampoo (1.5 fl. oz.), a straightening agent (2.5 fl. oz.) post-treatment shampoo (1.5 fl. oz.), and post-treatment conditioner (1.5 fl. oz.).

Buy it :
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Win it:
ENVIE has kindly offered one lucky Born 2 Impress reader, the chance to win a free hair straightening system.

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