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We have a small rental property that needed some TLC and we decided to do a few updates and upgrades to the house and started with the bathroom which was the part of the home that needed the most attention.

We have been extremely busy with moving, work, summer break and life in general, so we wanted the project to be as easy and smooth as possible and we decided that instead of going the traditional route, we would simplify the project by installing an UPstile Wall System by Delta Faucet.

Why Upstile?

TheUPstile is an easier to install, less expensive solution for a trendy bathroom upgrade which is exactly what we needed for this project.

TheUPstile wall systems gives you the ability to create the beautiful look of a tiled shower that can be personalized in a fraction of the time with a lot less hassle and effort than a traditional tile wall.

The UPStile is direct to stud wall system which is made with quality materials and attention to details for a custom look and finish.

The hard part of this process had nothing to do with the installation, but rather demoing the old walls and tub, installing the UPstile wall system was the easy part and once the pieces for the old wall and tub were out of the picture the whole process was quite simple and hassle-free.

I was very pleased with the quality of the product and how nice it really looks even before it was placed on the walls, you can tell the final product would be great.

You do need some plumbing knowledge to take on this project and as a matter of fact, we needed the help of a plumber as we soon realized that the drain on the old tub was not in the same position as the new Delta tub and that the plumbing on the shower was having some issues and needed some work and some adjustments in order to get everything set correctly and have the shower working properly.

We were told this was a really easy fix for someone with plumbing experience, however, ours is limited, and we decided to have someone take a look at the problem before continuing with the project.


You can also consult with Home Depot staff. They were really helpful and knowledgeable about what to do and the materials needed in order to complete the project.

Once the drain and shower valve issue was taken care of the rest was a smooth operation that was easy to complete.

With this wall system, you have the choice to add a tile for a custom look and, we found a really nice selection at Home Depot.

The tile prices start as low as $4.98 a foot and go up from there, so you can choose what best fits your project, decor and of course your budget.

Warning…You can get design overload…I had a hard time trying to choose the tiles, as I liked several of the options and could not make up my mind.

There are a few items you will need to complete your project and you can find the recommended products on the Home Depot’s website.

They also have a great video of how to set up your UPstile system wall which I highly recommend watching before you start with the project as it gives you a very good idea of the what and how-to’s on this project.

I added the Delta Faucet HydroRain® 5-Setting Two-in-One Shower Head to complete the look and love this shower head!

The whole set up is really nice and I absolutely love the way the UPStile wall system looks, and how easy it is to upkeep.

Once the UPStile wall system was set up we needed to add the tile and do some patchwork which I will share with you with the final results in another post!

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