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A few years ago, thinking of a smart home was something you only saw in Sci-fi movies but something very real in the present and, as a matter of fact, not hard to accomplish thanks to the many devices that have been created to manage your home no matter if you are home or 1000 miles away.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

It is truly incredible what you can accomplish with a smartphone and a couple of apps…Remember those times when you went on vacation and could not get rid of that nagging feeling that you left the coffee maker on or maybe kept thinking if you really locked the door in the way out?


No need to panic anymore

When you allow your home to be smart, it gives you the peace of mind when you are away on business, on vacation or simply upstairs.

Photo by from Pexels

The beauty of smart devices, they allow you to control different aspects of your home not just for comfort, but also a matter of safety.


You can have the house of the future now

As amazing as it sounds you can have many of the features a smart home from the future that would be in a movie. You will have devices to help you see inside your home, turn appliances on and off, allow people to go inside, even when they do not have a physical key, keep track when your kids go in and out of the house, and even remotely control the temperature…Thank goodness for the smart thermostat.


We can now walk into a warm home in the winter or cool during the summer without having to run the air conditioner for hours on end. Just adjust the temperature through your smartphone and devices and get home to a perfect temperature without having to spend an insane amount of money. You can find many of the smart devices like the Nest Thermostat at Office Depot!


As a parent, my kid’s safety is paramount and being able to have an eye and sometimes an ear in any room of the home is very important. Being the mother of a tween and a toddler, this is a must!


We started making our home smarter about a year ago and it is incredible, you will quickly you get used to having Alexa around to handle some of the small tasks around the home…Alexa, turn off the TV in the kid’s room. Alexa, what is the temperature inside the house? Alexa, wake up the tell Roomba to start cleaning… Yes, a smart home is a wonderful thing!


I certainly love the fact that you can set schedules for some of these tasks and forget about turning off the TV in the living room, disconnecting my daughter’s computer at 9:00 pm or simply change the temperature setting downstairs after I am in my room upstairs.


Creating different schedules for different features and settings in your smart home,  would make your life a lot easier…Who needs the extra stress, I certainly do not!

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