If you look back a couple of decades, you might remember how capturing photos of the family and important event was a combination of good luck and patience—at least, it was for the standard amateur photographer.

Do you remember developing several photo reels to get just a few worthy shots? Yes, I am talking about all those out-of-focus, closed-eyes, not-looking-at-the-camera shots that we all use to end up with.

The Evolution of Photography

Luckily, with advances in technology, that problem has been eliminated. No film is needed now, and we can take amazing photos with advanced cameras or even our cell phones.

This photo was taken about 15 years ago when I lived in Spain, and these are my best friends. As you can guess, I love this photo and I had it print in a canvas, so I can see my sisters from another mother every day.

This generation is photo-friendly, and let’s face it—we are always snapping photos of everything going on around us, which makes the preservation of important memories and events incredibly easy and affordable.

Small devices smartphones put a camera in your hand at any given moment, and people are more inclined to snap those photos and share them with the rest of the world. We are now a lot more exposed to those amazing and precious moments in our lives, and photos are not sentenced to live in a photo album on a shelf somewhere.

So Many Ways to Give Life to Your Photos

With the passing of time and the evolution of the photography, we have gained many ways to share our photos as digital images. But we also have many other ways to share those photos and give them a special place in our homes as a reminder of important moments or events.

Photo Canvas

Photo canvases are a perfect example and a great way to display your photos and make them part of your home decor. Photo canvases have become really affordable, and you can now get a canvas to add to your home at a very low price.

While the prices have dropped, the quality of canvases and photo prints is always improving, and you can have an amazing canvas to display your photos without making a dent in your budget.

There are also new ways to display your photos, such as custom 3D picture printing—something that we have easy access to.

You can see all the different canvas sizes and prices at CanvasChamp and order right in time for the holidays!



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