We all want to look our very best, but this makes us susceptible to the beauty industry, which tells us that x, y, and z products are going to help us do just that. However, often, we’re being sold a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist or, sometimes, one that has a much simpler solution. Here, we’re going to look at the beauty issues that are either overblown or have a much easier and longer-lasting solution.

Face masks

Face masks are often sold as an all-in-one nutrition supplier and exfoliator that booths give your skin the vitamins it needs to be healthy while also removing dead skin cells. However, if you’re using them too often, it’s a good sign that you need to focus on either exfoliation or nutrition a little more regularly. To that end, using salycylic acid products can be a lot more efficient than having to sit with a mask on your face for a long period of the day.

Body hair

First of all, if you’re sick of having to deal with body hair, you can always simply decide not to. A lot of women are living more happily with their body hair. However, if you decide you don’t want to deal with it, then you should consider taking a long-lasting approach than shaving or waxing. You can stop worrying about body hair entirely. Look at laser treatments that can totally remove it, making it a thing of the past.

Makeup remover

Removing the makeup from your face is far from an unnecessary step, let’s just make that clear. Going to bed with your makeup on can be disastrous for your skin, blocking up your pores and making breakouts so much more likely. However, makeup removers are obsolete and perhaps one of the most inefficient ways to actually get rid of makeup. Simple makeup removing wipes tend to do the same job, as will everyday cleansers if you happen to have them in your arsenal. Even coconut oil is great as cleaning away makeup while giving some nutritional value to the skin beneath, though some can be sensitive to it so give it a trial..

Daily shampoo

Now, this isn’t a suggestion that you shouldn’t wash your hair or that you shouldn’t use shampoo at all. However, using shampoo too often will not only strip the excess oil from your hair, but it will also strip the oils that keep both your hair and your scalp healthy. As such, dry shampoo can make sure you’re still giving your hair that wash it needs to avoid feeling oily, but it will also avoid you from doing too much. Furthermore, you want to avoid taking long showers so regularly, too.

If you have reason to believe that you need to keep up with the issues mentioned above in the way you traditionally would then, by all means, keep it up. However, a lot of women want to spend less time in front of the mirror and more time living their life. The tips above can undoubtedly help with that.

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