When you have a strong imagination, you have a lot more fun! And when you foster this kind of creativity through fun, you’ll allow your kids to really flex their mind muscles. Even as they get a bit older and start forgetting about toys, you can help them keep that keen sense of wonder that will carry them through in so many areas of their adult life. You’ve just got to think about your methods! To help with that, we’ve listed some great creativity-boosting activities below that work for all ages. 

Encourage Them to Write

Writing is one of the oldest creative exercises known to man, alongside drawing and sewing. As long as we’ve been alive we’ve been telling stories, and we never quite lose the love for them! It’s why we love movies and TV and video games no matter how old we get. So if you encourage this skill in your child young, they’ll keep it their whole life. 

Buy pretty gel pens and stickers to use, get them their own journal, let them write about whatever they want, and even have a reading time together. You can then get them to draw out their characters or scenes and keep them in a scrapbook, and use it as a storybook to read to them before bed. 

Use Video Games Strategically

It’s a lot of fun to imagine yourself in a story alongside your favorite characters, and video games are a great medium for that. As such, playing video games can help your kids to visualize different worlds where different things are possible, and even encourage them to create original characters to fit into it. 

And this is a very creative pursuit that lots of adults still love to do today! So let them access a minecraft SMP server list and spend a couple of hours in the game with other players, or let them spend half an hour on the computer with The Sims after homework. Kids can use these visual tools to their heart’s content, and just with a few clicks! 

Always Try Something New

Doing the same thing time and time again can get pretty boring! When you’re a child, that’s a real problem thanks to just how fast your attention span moves on. So why not encourage them to try different activities every weekend? This way you can show them that fun is in everything, and they never have to stick to just one thing. 

This week you could head out on a bug hunt, and then get your child to come up with names, backstories, and families for anything you catch before releasing them again. Next week you can make your own costumes or puppets, or make clothes for their dolls or action figures. Something new, something fun, and they’ll always be looking for a way to indulge in their creativity as they get older. 

Creativity doesn’t have to die! Encourage it young and it’ll flourish throughout their teen years! 

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