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With every season change, a lot of us feel the impulse to add some decorating touches to our home décor which can make a big hole in our budget, but the truth is, that we can actually add some new decorating pieces without taking a big chunk of our budget

The budget

Set up a spending budget and, more importantly, try to stay within that budget to keep your project within your limits.

Take a look at media sites.

 The great things about sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, are that you can get thousands of ideas of what to do with a specific room in your home and even adopt some of those ideas to your home décor project.

You might already have what you need

Look around your home, your attic and your basement are good starting points to look for decorations that we might have put away the year before and maybe even forget that we already own.

Not the right color? Spray paint is your best ally and can give a new life to old items around your home.

Look for discounted pieces on Home goods stores, and places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s quite often have huge discounts on many of their products. Many of these products, while marked for a specific season like Christmas or Spring, are generic and can be used for many different decorating projects.

Deeply discounted items mean that you get a lot more for your buck without necessarily scarifying the quality of the items you are getting.

Thrift stores are great sources

Many interesting pieces can be found a thrift store around you, and there are also Goodwill and other similar stores with many products that you can use for your decorating projects


Family is also a good source, and you can find that family members are ready to dispose of one of two pieces that would look great in your place, so what better place to go than to a family member?

Marketplace and community websites

The Facebook market place is another great source for discounted items for your home, and you can find many gently used and even brand new products at a lower price than what you would find a store.

Take on a DIY

Change, update, or even redesigning some décor pieces can add a unique and one of a kind look to your décor project, and even the most basic things like LED lights in a Mason jar or floating candles can be the one missing piece in your home.

Plants will brighten any space

One of the best things you can do for your home décor is to add some living plants, ditch the fake ones, and add some real plants, they look better and definitely smell better.

Plants, however, can be expensive, take a look at your local nursery or stores like home depot and Lowe’s for discounted plants that might need a little TLC but can save you a lot of money.

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