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The decoration you use in your home is an echo of your style and, more often than not, your personality. The way you want to portray that style to the rest of the world is the first thing you need to decide when decorating your home. You can achieve that image by simply adding the right décor to a determined space.

Less is more when it comes to certain spaces. Uncluttered space is the key to a well-decorated home.

The key to a well-decorated space is not how much you have. Rather, well-chosen pieces of décor bring a room together and give it its own personality and purpose.

Choose the Colors

Decide what colors work best for the room you are working on. Once you have chosen the colors for that room, start adding décor to enhance them.

Colors are really easy to work with. You can either choose pieces that contrast and pop to add some spark to the room or go the other way and add more subtle décor to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Keep the Same Theme Throughout the House or Not

While some people prefer to keep the same style and colors throughout their whole home, there are no set rules about what you need to do when you decorate. You can simply decide to create different living spaces, each with its own vibe and personality.

The Mental Picture

When I am adding décor to my home, I usually visualize what I want the room to look like and slowly start adding pieces. Sometimes, you just stumble upon the perfect piece for a room without even looking for it and can easily visualize in your home.

Decide on a Theme

Picking a theme for a room can make the process easier, especially if you are are not a décor expert. But keep in mind that “theme” does not necessarily mean something as specific as, for example, nautical. Rather, it’s just a way to help you make a cohesive selection of pieces—unless you want a more eclectic look, in which case, just add the pieces that feel right for you.

Small Accents Can Make a Huge Difference

You don’t need large objects to decorate a room. As a matter of fact, small elements like a decorative box, a picture frame, and even a pot with a plant or flowers placed in the right spot can make a great addition to any room.

Don’t Forget the Baskets

Baskets and trunks are often underestimated, but the truth is that they can be a great ally. They can not only help you decorate any room in your home but also keep everything tidy and clutter-free.

Outdoor Spaces

Décor does not have to be limited to indoors. You can bring the same feel and style to your outdoor spaces by simply adding a few touches here and there.

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