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The holidays have always been a very special time for me that takes me back to my childhood and spending Christmas at home…My mom always cooked these humongous meals and I loved sitting around the family table with my mom and my brothers.

So for me, holidays among many other special things, means spending time with the family around the table and chatting and eating…If you know any Spanish person, then you probably know how much we enjoy eating …And talking LOL.

The truth is that as much as I love spending time with the family during the holidays, that can also be a stressful time and it means spending a whole day in the kitchen if I want to even try to recreate the kind of meal my mom used to make for us.

One thing I have learned is that having a menu laid out ahead of time and making a list of the ingredients you will need for each dish helps to not only get rid of some of the stress, but it also helps you not to forget any of the ingredients you will need for the different dishes you are planning to serve.

Make a small schedule

Decide which foods need to be cooked first. If you are serving any cold dishes, those should be prepared first, that way you will able to avoid re- heating the hot dishes if they are made last.

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Getting the kitchen ready for the big day

You want to start with a completely clean kitchen and if you have limited counter space, store away anything that is not going to be used and is taking away some of your valuable work space. This way you will be able to move around the kitchen with ease and work on a couple of dishes at the same time.

Wash all the ingredients to avoid any food problems

I like to wash and double wash anything that will be eaten raw and make sure there are no surprises with the salads, fruits and vegetables.

The best ally for a cook?

I have a Delta kitchen faucet with Touch2O Technology and I can tell you without a doubt that it is my favorite thing in my kitchen…I love being able to open the water faucet by just tapping the faucet with the back of my hand and without having to touch the knob which means no cross contamination!

I can let the water run while I wash my vegetables or whatever it is I am washing and the water will shut off by itself after two minutes…I love that!

Setting up the table in advance

Setting up the table ahead of time especially if you have guests allows you to know where everyone will be sitting and who is seating next to whom. This is very handy when you have kids that will need help with their meal also!

As I said, the holidays are a very special time to make memories and share with love ones that are here now.

I want to help you create more special memories around the family table this holiday season and every day. In collaboration with Delta I want to give a very lucky Born 2 Impress reader, the chance to win a free Delta kitchen faucet with Touch2O Technology in finish of choice ARV $ 870.00!

Happy Holidays and I hope that 2018 is your best year yet!

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