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I read somewhere that “ happiness is a place between too little and too much” and I couldn’t agree more. As a matter of fact, that saying can be applied to many aspects of life including your home organization.


It is spring and many of us get in the Spring cleaning mode and try to get a handle on the home and declutter and organize our homes and living spaces.


Clutter can cause stress

It is a fact that a cluttered space can increase stress and affect productivity. Walking into a cluttered home can decrease your stamina.


Spring is the perfect time to clean and organize

Why? Days are warmer and longer but not as hot as they will be during the summer. Therefore, we are more inclined to engage in physical activities and a much rewarding one is cleaning decluttering our home.

Divide and conquer

In order to effectively make a cleaning plan that would actually work without making you feel overwhelmed, make a list of the things you really use, the things you can do without, and those things you love.


Chose a room and stick to it

When you start jumping from room to room, you get sidetracked and chances are no room will get done. Decide where do you want to start with your cleaning and declutter project, and do not move on to the next room until you are completely satisfied with the results.


Lists are very helpful

Make a list of each room and what areas need to be organized, cleaned or decluttered in each room. You will be surprised how often we neglect certain areas of the house because we don’t even think about it.


Living Room:

• Board games
• Electronics
• DVD’s
• Junk drawers
• Books and magazines


• Linens
• Accessories
• Underwear drawers
• Nightstands
• Closets
• Bedroom drawers
• Under the bed and dressers


– Medicine drawers
• Hair products
• Body products
• Makeup and beauty products
• Bathroom drawers

Kid’s Room:

– Kid’s toys (only keep the toys that the kids really play with and donate all the toys that they have outgrown).
• Kid’s closet- This is the perfect time to get rid of the winter clothes and all the clothes that do not fit anymore then make room for Spring and Summer clothing.


• Kitchen drawers
• Pantry
• Counters
• Pans and pots
• Fridge and freezer


• Desk
– Paperwork
• Files and emails
• Mail
• Receipts

Let’s not forget the laundry room, the car, and the arts and crafts supplies for those with a creative side.

Make sure you have all you need

Before you start any cleaning project, make sure you have all the cleaning products and supplies you need to tackle your project.


Scratch items off your list as you complete it and move to the next room or area when you are done.


Home updates?

This is also a great time for any small or not so small home improvement projects that you might have been putting off.


Small updates can make your everyday life easier and can be easier than you might imagine… Add elements that would make your home smarter and more efficient like a touch activated faucet from Delta, that allows you to use the faucet by touching it anywhere and use the back of your hand, arm or your elbows…No more cross-contamination in the kitchen!


What do you say, ready for Spring cleaning?

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