Using photos as part of your home décor gives a warm and special touch to your home. You can choose to do random photos of different events or do a series of related photos to tell a story, but the truth is that nothing says “home” more than the photos and canvases on your walls.

I have been using canvases to decorate my home for years, and I love looking at the walls in the different rooms of my house and going back to that moment in time. I have photos of my kids, the whole family, and even one of my best friends and me when I was still living in Spain.

The one member of the family I was missing a photo of was our new dog, Cooper, and Christmas seemed like the perfect time to remedy that.

A Special Portrait of My Fur Baby

A photo says a thousand words, and I wanted Cooper’s photo to capture the cute yet mischievous look on his face. I was able to get just what I was looking for with a pop art dog portrait from DogFace.

The Perfect Gift for Any Dog Lover

Paulina Connolly is the artist behind DogFace, and she skillfully brings that special touch of pop art to your home through her dog portraits. Her portraits are personalized pop art representations of your fur baby, and they’re a great way to bring life and fun to any room in your home.

Not Your Standard Portrait

The DogFace portraits are certainly not your standard dog portraits. These personalized portraits are unlike anything you will find in a store and as unique as your dog!


The Best Gift for a Doggy Parent

A DogFace portrait is by far the best gift a dog parent could get this holiday season. These customized portraits are made to fit your lifestyle and décor and include that other special member of your family in your family photo collection.

No Time to Waste

The portraits take a minimum of two weeks because they are custom made and specially created for you, so if you want yours in time for Christmas, there is no time to waste.

Chances are you that have one or more pet parents on your holiday’s list, and they would love to add one of these gorgeous portraits to their homes.

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