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As a proud parent of a new fur baby (I am running out for potty breaks at 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., so it is certainly like having a baby all over again), I realized how much pet parents love things that remind them of their fur babies. I found myself looking for shirts and sweatshirts that somehow express how excited I am about my new little guy.

Yes, I said excited. I have always been an animal lover but have not had a pet ever since I moved to the US 12 years ago.

Puppies Make Me Happy

It’s true that even though my legs and arms are filled with scratches, I am in love with the little guy. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a dog until we got Cooper, and what better way to say he makes me happy than with a shirt that pretty much says that?

Puppies Make Me Happy is all about puppy love, and all their clothes and accessories are a reflection of that.

With puppy apparel to match your needs, this online store is the perfect place to find puppy-loving clothing from sweatshirts that are just great for this season to lightweight tops to wear when the weather warms up.

A Pullover Shirt for Me

A super-soft and relaxed unisex pullover sweatshirt with a classic crew neck and long sleeves did it for me. You can find me lounging or walking my puppy on the weekends with my new favorite sweatshirt.

I love how soft and comfortable the sweatshirt is the simple “Puppies Make Me Happy” text on the front of the shirt.

A Shirt for Every Puppy-Loving Person

The truth is that you don’t actually have to own a dog to love them, so these shirts would make a great holiday gift for any puppy-lover. Head to the website, and take a look at the catalog.

I Love More than Its Clothes

Puppies Make Me Happy prints all of their products in LA. Both their women and men lines are made in the USA, and my favorite part of these products and the brand is that they support several dog rescues. When you buy a product, you are showing your puppy love in more ways than one!

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