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I have discovered a new passion for hiking and while we have not been able to go hiking lately because of some family issues and of course all the hurricanes and storms going through, we are really looking forward to starting this outdoors activity with the kids and are really hoping to be able to start going places pretty soon.

A child carrier for the little one is a must

One thing that was very clear to me is that for these types of activities, we need a comfortable and sturdy carrier for the little guy.

Freeloader carrier

child carrier, outdoors

outdoors child carrier

As matter of fact, we have two trips planned and hope to be able to do some exploring…The first trip is going to be in a couple of months when we will be taking a cruise. We have been on cruises before with my daughter, but this is going to be the first time with the baby and a carrier is certainly a great idea for this trip.

What I need

I need a child carrier that is compact, yet sturdy because we have very limited space in the cabin. I also need the child carrier to be comfortable…the last thing we need is a cranky kid during the vacation. I also need to make sure that the child carrier will be safe for him and comfortable for us.

Child carrier , lightweight child carrier
For this trip I am taking a Freeloader

No, I am not bringing an unwanted guest…The Freeloader child carrier ( I love the name), is a compact , lightweight carrier with a unique open back design which allows airflow to keep your back cool which will be vital if we are going to be exploring in some of these Caribbean islands that can be hot and humid even in December.

Freeloader carrier

The Freeloader child carrier, has an ergonomic designed waist and shoulder straps for added comfort and better weight distribution. The straps are heavily padded which is always a plus.

hiking, family hiking

Made with lead-free and phthalate-free nylon materials for the safety of your precious cargo, this carrier has an easy to use, 5-point child safety harness to keep your little one safely in place.

Because we are not built the same

One thing I really like about the Freeloader child carrier, is the fact that they offer different sizes in order to better fit you, but by the same token, the carrier will fit more than one person…For example, I am 5’2” and the husband is 5’ 10”, so I am a small size (16” child carrier), but the small, would also fit him and be comfortable.
This carrier is built for kids 2.5 years old and up, and with a maximum weight of 80lbs. The actual carrier weight is 5.8 lbs.

The Freeloader is available in a selection of colors to meet your needs and in sizes from small (16”) to large (which is 20”).

family great, hiking grear

I am looking forward to my holiday vacation and exploring some of the places in the Caribbean islands and Mexico…I have never been to Mexico, and could not be more excited!

travel with kids

The Freeloader is certainly a great addition to our travel gear and since the holidays are just around the corner, if you have an outdoorsy person with kids on your list or want to grab one of these for your family, here is an amazing 10% discount code: freeloaderfun .Good through June 26th 2018! Use……At checkout and start your next adventure!

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