We are planning a couple of different trips with the kids this summer. The first of them was just last weekend; we went to Orlando to participate in the BlogHer conference… and yes it was AWESOME!!!!

This week we are traveling again and it is a longer trip since we are flying to Ohio for a few days! And that means a couple of airports and several hours traveling.

Keep them comfortable

An important item to consider when you are on a family trip and traveling with children is to dress them with  clothes and shoes that will keep them comfortable during the trip. Also, make sure to keep a change of clothes in a separate bag in case of any accidents.

Be ready for the rest stops

If you are traveling with a little one, having a small, easy to carry bag with the essentials is always handy…I keep mine in an Eagle Creek Pack it Specter cube and I love it! It does not weigh anything, takes no space and I can easily carry a couple of diapers, lightweight changing pad and wipes so I can be in and out in no time. You want to make stops as quick and easy as possible while you are on the go with the family and being properly prepared makes that so much easier to accomplish.

Make a list of supplies and what you need for the family trip

Do not forget to bring any vitamins and medications for the family and if you make a list with all of the items you need to bring and check them off once you pack, then you are set for a stress free vacation…Packing a day or two head ahead of time is also a great way to prevent forgetting things you need and if you can place all the suitcases and bags right next to the door the night before your trip, then you are ahead of the game! I use an app for my lists, but a piece of paper would work as good.

Healthy snacks are always best

Snacks and drinks are of course on top of my list and this year  I want to bring healthier choices for both of my kids and avoid those sodas and other unhealthy choices. I like convenience, but have decided against adding a Juice in the box container for each kid and skip the sugar loaded drinks all together but still want to keep both kids hydrated.

I personally love the fruit waters that you can make by simply adding fruits to some water and I want my kids to be on board with this much healthier choice, not to mention that I avoid the left over half-empty juice boxes and water bottles which is also good for the environment.

I brought an extra-large water bottle so I could refill their boxes as needed. The drink in the box  containers are meant for kids and why not adults 3 +. I let me little guy use one, but I need to be with him at all times to prevent him from pulling the lid off, but it is worth it and he loves drinking from the attached straw.

Drink in the box for travel with kids


Snacks are also a big important item and of course I want the best and healthier options for my kids that I can. This trip was be loaded with fruits and veggies, luckily for me, both my kids love their fruits, veggies and nuts and I can use a Snack in the box for their snacks.

Snack in the box

The square box shape makes them great to store in the cooler if needed and also make it easier to store when not in use.


If you ever traveled with kids you know that keeping them entertained is really important, not just for the kids, but the parent’s sake!

That trip however, meant that both my 10 year old and my two year old were confined to the car for 3- 3 ½ hours…So I set up a small suitcase or bag with a few products to make their life and of course my life a bit easier!

Pack a separate bag or back pack with the snacks that do not need to be refrigerated, toys and books that you want to bring with you and keep them within reach at all times.

Since my daughter is 10, she will be in charge of the snacks (she still needs to ask for permission though), but she can help getting items for her and her little brother and will also be in charge of the toys and contents of the bag…It gives her a sense of being helpful and teaches her how to act and react while on a family trip.

Make sure the toys are age appropriate and include some of their favorites. For the little one I am packing the HABA Game of Skill Mini Monster set that is easy to pack, takes virtually no space and it is a lot of fun, not only for him, but for his Sissy and if you twist my arm, I will admit for me too!

HABA Game of Skill Mini Monster

Its lightweight and compact size makes it a great on the go toy, one that the kids ( and me), will have fun trying to feed the beads to the little monsters. This teaches the kids concentration, dexterity and patience. The toy is made of lime plywood and plastic so it is not only safe for the kids, but also convenient.

An on the go toy for the sister

Keeping the sister entertained  during the family trip is as important as keeping the little one busy and since I want both kids to be off of electronics, I am packing books that will be of interest for her. I am looking for books that can teach her something and can of course help keep her on target on her reading level which she has struggled with a bit this last year. This is the reason why I like the Atlas of Animal Adventures and the Great Big Search and Find Activity Book. See the win- win situation?

Atlas of Animal Adventures                       Great Big Search and Find Activity Book

I am of course packing her a few on the go games that she already loves like the To Go – Tic Tac Toe by the Purple Cow which gives new life to the classic game and features a compact and slim tin case which is printed on both sides with magnetic  pieces so you can have a Tic Tac Toe  game on the go with no fuzz!

Just be aware that this is not a baby’s toy and you will need to keep the small pieces away from the little ones!
The brand carries a whole selection of on the game board games for the family that includes some of the old times favorites.


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