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Back to the Roots

It all started this summer, and honestly, I can’t even remember if it was my idea or my husband’s idea.

All I can remember is looking for planters online so we could grow some of our own herbs and veggies.

Most of our meals are cooked from scratch, and we try to stay away from packed meals as much as possible, so herbs are something we always need. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you are out of one of your favorite herbs in the middle of cooking.

Just the Beginning

We found a nice enough planter online and started growing some of our own herbs but quickly realized that it was not going to be enough for us, so we resorted to making our own little garden at the side of the house.

That project was a nice little DIY that my husband and daughter worked on together.

I love the side garden, and most of the things we planted did extremely well—except the peppers, that is! For whatever reason, all the different pepper plants we got ended up sick, and we had to pull them out of the garden.

I was still trying to figure out what do when I came to the realization that I needed to isolate my peppers and keep my daughter involved. These plants became our little back to school project.

For the peppers, we decided to go with the Back to the Roots SelfWatering Shishito Peppers Planter.

It’s the easiest way to grow these delicious gourmet peppers inside the comfort of your own home thanks to the ancient watering technology in the form of an olla pot that you fill just once a week.

This planter is not only an easy way to grow organic peppers but a great project for the kids!

To make things even easier, the biochar technology in the soil lets you grow peppers right out of the planter on your windowsill or tabletop with no draining needed.

There are no chemicals, no transplanting, and no messy drainage holes. Did I mention these planters are great?

Herbs in a Jar

Because we also use a lot of basil and mint (my husband makes a mean Thai chicken, and I make a delicious Spanish tea with mint), these herbs are two of our top ones.

For them, Back to the Roots has the cutest little set up in the form of kits. The Back to the Root Garden in a Jar, Basil, and Back to the Root Garden in a Jar, Mint, each come with potting mix jars and a packet of seeds.

I can’t tell you how much I love growing these plants from seeds and seeing the whole process. Better yet, the kids love it! They are a great solution for anyone looking for an easy alternative to growing some delicious herbs with space and even weather constraints

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