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It is hotter than hot this summer, and south Florida is steaming—not to mention that mosquitoes are out with a vengeance and decided that my four-year-old son is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Because the poor thing is allergic to bug bites, I am trying to keep him indoors as much as possible.

Easier Said than Done

It is understandable that the little guy wants to be outside and run, climb, and jumps every day, so I am prepared with bug repellents.

But to keep him entertained while we are inside, I had to come up with ways to have him enjoy the indoors too.

Games and Indoor Activities

Coloring books are always a good choice, and kids love them, so get a selection of  coloring books along with washable markers so they can unleash their creative side.

Puzzles are also a great choice, and there are many different types to choose from. You can, of course, go with traditional type puzzles or add some with moving parts (kids love those). You can also add some magnetic puzzle sets to their collection.

Don’t Forget Educational Games

Who says learning can’t be a blast? Include some STEM and educational games in your collection that will help your kiddo practice his numbers, reading, and math while having a lot of fun. There are literally tons of games that will make learning fun.

Add Some Apps

While you may want to limit screen time, you can also make the best of it and download educational apps on your little guy’s device. He will learn without even realizing it.

A Fort Makes It Better

We all know that kids of all ages love forts. Both my four-year-old and my twelve-year-old go crazy building forts, which is fine, but it can make a real mess of my living room.


The AirFort is a 77″ wide by 50″ tall inflatable fort made of super-light, breathable polyester fabric that can be set up in a matter of seconds with no floor.

I absolutely love this thing, and the reasons are many. For starters, both the kids love it.  My four-year-old and twelve-year-old have declared the fort the best spot to read in the house. Second, set up is a breeze (pun intended).

Air Fort; AirFort Grey; Inflatable Fort; Indoor Fort; Kids Forts

Add the four velcro stickers included with the fort to your 20″ box fan, attach it to the fort straps, turn your fan on, wait ten to fifteen seconds, and you’re done! Finally, the AirFort has no floor, which allows your kids to access it easily from any point. It has a mesh divider to prevent access to the fan (I really like that for the little one), and it can be taken down and put away in the included storage bag in just a few seconds.

The AirFort is easy to take with you on vacations and great for sleepovers and play dates!

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