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When it comes to your hair, there are various problems around that could commonly affect you. In this article, we will be going through a few of them one by one and giving some possible solutions that could help you out. Good hair care generally just involves knowledge of the best practices out there and a willingness to follow guidelines. So, let’s get started straight away.

Hair Loss

Although thinning hair and loss are problems that are most commonly associated with men, they are also issues that can affect women as well. There are numerous causes out there including medication, changing hormones, and menopause. If you suffer from this problem, it can be very stressful but there are some solutions to thinning hair. There are plenty of products on the marketplace which can be effective, and there is also evidence that using heat products less can also help to protect your locks.

Dry Hair

Many people complain about suffering from dry hair, and this is often caused by an overuse of shampoo. The problem with washing your hair too regularly is that it strips away the natural oils which are there to protect it. If you feel like your shampoo is the problem, try switching to a gentler brand. As well as this, you could also try an overnight moisturizing conditioner or hot oil treatments to combat the problem.

Split Ends

Split ends are a constant source of irritation for a lot of women, and the common causes range from over-brushing and a use of heat-based products too regularly to a lack of a decent conditioner in your hair care routine. Tackle this issue first by treating your hair with more care when you are brushing it. Use a wide-toothed comb when you step out of the shower and take your hair in small sections if it is prone to get knotted and tangled. Give your hair a trim on a regular basis. You can either have this done at the salon or even take care of the problem yourself.

Greasy Hair

Greasy hair generally tends to be a result of the scalp producing too much natural oil known as sebum which is released from the sebaceous glands. The best solution is to choose a shampoo which has been specifically designed for oily hair to control the levels of sebum that it is producing.


Frizzy Hair


Some people are more naturally frizzy haired than others, but if this is a common problem that you are experiencing, it may be the case that your hair’s moisture levels have fallen below the normal amount. Again, selecting different hair products is your first port of all, so choose a shampoo and conditioner which have been specifically designed to deal with frizz. Speak to your hairdresser and they are likely to be able to provide you with some specific product advice about what would be best for you.

Dull Hair

Dull hull has various different possible causes, but if this is something that is affecting you, it may be the case that the problem is chemically-based or heat-related. After you have used a moisturizing shampoo on your hair, try out a cool rinse rather than using your regular hot water. The cold water on your hair causes a contraction in your hair shaft which helps to leave it looking smoother and shiner.

Heat Damaged Hair

The causes of heat damaged hair should be fairly self-explanatory – you are using your curlers, straighteners, and hairdryer too often. So, reduce that amount of time that you spend using these heat-based items. Try getting your hair trimmed on a more regular basis to reverse the effects of the damage. The final step is to use a deep conditioner which will help to restore some of the moisture to your hair.

Colour Damaged Hair

Whenever you color your hair, the chemicals cause your hair shaft to open up and your hair becomes a lot of porous than usual. In turn, this makes it more prone to brittleness and breakage. Try to keep dyeing your hair to a minimum, and when you do decide to do it, try using a dye with special moisturizers and getting a trim beforehand as the ends are more likely to soak up the excess color.

These are just eight of the most common issues which tend to affect people’s hair, as well as some simple solutions which will help you out.   

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