I received an Inverse unit in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Healthy, shiny hair is one of the most attractive assets a person can have that frames someone’s face but it is also not so easy to achieve. Your hair can be affected from many different variables including the weather, your diet, and the different chemicals and processes we put it through. My hair used to be my best feature, and I had to do very little to it. I also used to keep my hair long for the most part. After I moved to Florida, I noticed it did not look or even feel the same and if we add the fact that I started dying it …Let’s just say that is not what it used to be. Then, a few months ago, it got really bad and for the first time ever my hair look dry, lifeless, and overall not healthy.

Since then, I have used a few different things that have helped, but I was still looking for something to restore its shine and health.

While doing some research, I came across a very innovative product for a New Zealand brand called Inverse and was immediately curious about this ground breaking product.



The Inverse Hair Conditioning system

This system is unlike anything I have seen or heard of before. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I had the product in my hands that I fully realized what a neat product it is!

Welcome to the Ice Age

Inverse uses the power of ice to give you naturally beautiful hair with a very simple procedure… and it locks in moisture, which translates into a softer, stronger, shinier, healthier and more manageable hair.


The system uses no chemicals, no heat and no cords just a simple, easy to follow procedure that can be done in the comfort of your bathroom.

So what is Inverse and how does it works?

At first glance it looks very similar to a regular flat iron but the reality is that this frozen beauty is actually the opposite as it uses cold instead of heat to treat and revitalize your hair!

The Inverse system is composed of two pieces, the handle which is the case that holds the cores.


The Ice cores

Filled with a secret solution that freezes to the perfect temperature for conditioning your hair in a way that you’ve never heard of before.

The process

Using the Inverse system is really easy; the very first step is to freeze the core, so you will need to place them in the freezer for at least a couple of hours before you can use them, so keep that in mind.

Once the cores are ready, place them back in the handle to prevent frost bite…They get really cold!


How to use the Inverse System

Start with your hair wet, get your Ice Cores from the freezer and place them in the handles and make sure to lock them into place with the two magnets at the end of the handle ( you do not see them, but you can feel them when the cores are in place), towel dry your hair to get rid of excess dampness, and then divide your hair so it is easier to work with.


The brand sells a mist which they recommend to use with the Inverse unite which I do not have (planning to buy) . After this, you can start now using the unit…you want to slide faster rather than slower so your hair does not get stuck on the cores.


Use the cores on all your hair, taking one section at the time. The cores stay at the required temperature to do all your hair. Once you have used the Inverse on all of your hair, finish up as usual: Blow dry, style or simply let it air dry which is what I do most of the time!

What does Inverse do for your hair?

Inverse locks the moisture inside of each strand to condition your hair. The brand claims that continued use of the Inverse conditioning system will hydrate, revitalize, and heal your hair. They also mention that this system will help you restore the health of your hair, give you better definition, and strengthen your hair to prevent breakage, among other benefits. I have not had the unit long enough to see these results, but I will update in a few weeks and let you know how the unit is working.


What I do can tell you however, is that even though I have only used this unconventional hair recovery treatment for a short period of time, I am really happy with the results I have seen so far, and my hair looks shinier and healthier which is really amazing.

I love the fact that there are no chemicals involved, so I am planning to start using Inverse on my daughter’s hair which is as bad as I have ever seen her hair before…You know that age when they are 9 and think they are more like 19 and can wash and take care of their hair? Yes, we are there, so I can’t wait to start using this on her also!
The Inverse Cores have a retail price of $299.00 and they ship for free directly from New Zealand!

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