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We’re going to be stuck with winter for another for at least the next two months. That means the cold isn’t going to disappear anytime soon and it’s even going to creep a little into the early spring. This means we’re going to be freezing for a little longer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for next year or even make a few changes to our lifestyles and our homes by learning a few valuable lessons from the passing winter.

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Everyone has different temperature preferences


Let’s face it, everyone has that one family member or friend that just loves it when it’s cold. In fact, they love it so much that they’ll scream at you when you mess with the thermostat and try to make the house a little hotter. Unfortunately, we can’t make everyone happy with the temperature, but there are a few ways to even out the temperature in your home and slowly condition it for the cold weather. For instance, you could look into a home window film installation instead of upgrading your thermostat or setting individual temperatures for each room. It’s cheaper in the long run because it helps to maintain temperatures and even them out so that there are no hot and cold spots in your home. This maximises comfort and keeps everyone happy without even needing to touch the thermostat, making it an upgrade that pays off!


Of course, if you do have the money to have a zoned HVAC system installed, then it will keep everyone happy without any arguments. It’s expensive and most people would prefer a simpler solution such as window tinting or just putting on a few more clothes, but it can offer you a new level of comfort to make your winters warmer and summers cooler.


It will always get colder than you think


Didn’t expect to be freezing indoors? Don’t worry, everyone experiences it at some point. Even with all the small upgrades that we perform in our homes, it’s always going to get colder than we actually think. This isn’t some freak accident and it’s not because the world is getting colder in general, it just means that we’re underestimating the temperature drops during the cold season. As a result, it’s important to focus on having a few “emergency” additions to your home to cope with sudden temperature drops. One great way to do this is to stock up on extra blankets and warm indoor clothing to switch into. You don’t need to crank up the thermostat because it’s expensive to maintain and you don’t need to jump into bed to stave off the cold.

You could also look for the reasons for why your home suddenly becomes cold and the temperatures drop. One of the most common causes is drafts entering your home. Make sure you patch up any holes or cracks around your windows and try to identify where the chilly breezes are coming from so you can keep the heat in your home from escaping.

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