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As with every year, we have started a few different projects to improve the home and this year we have concentrated on making our home a smart home and have added and are still adding different devices throughout the home that will not only make the home a smart home, but will also make it more energy efficient and convenient.

We are looking to move some time next year and are working on improving the condo to make it more appealing to buyers. It is amazing the difference a few improvements and simple additions can do for the property and its value.

Little details make a huge difference

The truth is that you never know what the big selling point will be when you are trying to sell a home, but in these modern days, a smart home is certainly a good start.

The great thing about making these changes is that you can add them slowly and as your budget permits and just implement things in one room at a time…A smart faucet, smart lock, smart thermostat, and cameras…are just some of the gadgets that you can add to your home that can make a huge difference.

Last year we bought the Echo Dot from Amazon and since then we have been adding different devices that are compatible with it and it is amazing what a difference these little things can do for your day to day life and how much more convenient and accessible your home can be.
The nice thing by doing these small upgrades is that while you are making improvements, you improve your current home and get an idea of what you want when you are looking for new apartments near you or in our case, houses that will accommodate the family and needs.

One room at a time

You can make this process as easy as you want and decide on what devices would make your home the smartest home in the neighborhood.
In our case, we have added small devices and have been working on one room at a time. We Started with the kitchen and added a touch technology faucet, and hands-free paper towel dispenser. Then DH setup a new backsplash and LED undercabinet lights that really shows off the kitchen.

The next step was to get a smart thermostat that was compatible with Alexa…I love being able to change the temperature in the home without having to touch the thermostat. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the kitchen or bedroom. I simply say “Alexa change the temperature to …” and its done. Not only that, but it knows when we’re not in the house with GeoFencing and automatically turns the temp up or down to save electricity when we’re not at home. It automatically adjusts the temperature for when we’re sleeping so that we don’t have to constantly adjust it … it does it on its own.

Our latest addition was smart plugs that are Wi-Fi enabled, these mini smart switches work with Amazon Alexa, and require no hub, this allows you to remotely control your devices from anywhere…The Next steps are probably going to be cameras, light switches, power outlets, and smart powered rollup blinds.

What would you add to your home to make it a smart home?

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