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When you look around your house, are you happy with what you see? Likely not. It’s really common that every few months you may want to make changes to your home and do a few upgrades. Your house is your palace and it’s important that you feel like it’s somewhere that you want to be. It’s very difficult to resist the urge to do an entire reshuffle of the house: a conservatory here, a stud wall there. The thing is, your house needs to have an impact on you – never mind anyone else – and if it doesn’t, you should start making the little changes to get you there.

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Picking up a kitchen remodeling guide is one thing you can do to start looking at the changes that are going to change your entire feeling about your home. If your bank account doesn’t allow for such a huge change, you’re going to need to make those small changes first. So, what changes could have the biggest impact on your home?

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    1. Light switch plates have a really big function; they cover up the unsightly wires and keep you safe from accidental zapping. However, light switch plates can be exceedingly boring! Changing these up with funkier colors like the ones that you find here can change the whole look of your rooms.
    2. Doorbells are a very common function for all homes, but you could choose to go a little different and install a door knocker to the front door instead. The beauty with door knockers is that you can get a huge variety of shapes and sizes – so get creative.
    3. Door knobs and handles are grabbed countless times through the day, but the simple act of replacing these can change an entire room. Think about it; old fashion knobs give a room a dated look, but a sleek metal one can modernize it in an instant.
    4. Wallpaper isn’t just for walls, you know. Lining shelving units and drawers with wallpaper can make a massive difference to the room. An apple green solid paint job on the lounge can be updated to look amazing with wallpaper covered in green apples backing your units.
    5. Window treatments such as blinds and curtains can transform the whole room. Adding a valance to the top of the window can make a room look rather opulent if that’s the look that you’re going for.
    6. Reupholstering your chairs in the dining room will change the look of the room instantly. Go for a color match with the walls of the room and you can really complete the look overall. You can get some amazing fabrics from here and get started: all you need is a staple gun!
    7. Metallic detail will update even the oldest of chairs or units. It’s really hard not to be uplifted by a golden shimmer here and a silver sparkle there. Have fun with it and choose your places to accent wisely!

Your home can be just as amazing after the little changes as with the big changes; take your time and plan it well!


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