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No doubt, if you are going through the process of selling your house, you will have heard of the term “curb appeal.” Now, before you sell up, it’s important for you to have your home as attractive as possible on the inside, but it’s the exterior that holds a little bit more importance. Why is this?


First Impressions

First impressions mean everything. So, when you look at the exterior of your property, does it leap out to you, either in a good way or a bad way? First impressions always matter, and people may not feel so inclined to look inside the property, no matter how grandiose it is. The exterior leaves a lot to be desired!


Improving The Curb Appeal

This can be done in many different ways. If time is of the essence, and you’ve got to rely on the professionals to give it that sheen that will sell your home quickly. There are various companies, like, that specialize in doing up the home from the exterior perspective. This means that the walls will be retouched, and any other superficial problems, such as the roof, or even the windows, can be fixed up so that you’ve got a better chance of piquing people’s interest.


Adding Little Touches

Look at it from the perspective of a complete stranger. When someone comes to view the house, they want to picture themselves living at the home, so what would you want to see if you were looking for a new house? Ultimately, you want it to feel like home. And this can be done by adding little flourishes around the house, but also, making sure that your car is out of the driveway, so they can physically picture themselves parking on your driveway, but also adding splashes of color, such as by adding plants or flowers, gives it that extra edge. There’s a handy guide on to give you the lowdown on what plants you can buy that require little feeding, but look great. Remember, it’s not about putting your personality on the property, it’s about making it as decorative as possible, but by making it as much of a blank canvas as you possibly can. It has to be accommodating, but also it has to be appealing to any random person.


Maximizing The Selling Impact

While curb appeal is instrumental in getting a home sold now, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Apart from the interiors, and making sure everything is up to code, it’s how you present it online or to estate agents that help to get your interest. 88% of home buyers begin looking online. As a result, you need perfect pictures to present your home properly. We’ve seen terrible pictures online that have poor lighting, taken at a terrible angle, and these don’t show what a home is capable of.


Curb appeal is something that cannot be underestimated. Make it a priority if your home doesn’t look attractive from the outside, you will get that many more people intrigued!


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