Unless the person is an expert in jewelry and identifying quality, how can the average shopper assess the quality of a ring?

Whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or just an everyday casual ring to add to an outfit, picking the best quality is important. No one wants to have jewelry that’s prone to rusting or tarnishing. With that being said, here’s how to assess quality in a ring.

The color

The color of a ring is important because when it comes to diamonds, a completely colorless stone is a sign of a flawless rock! There’s a color grading scale that is definitely worth referencing when it comes to assessing the color. These are:

  • Colorless
  • Near Colorless 
  • Faint 
  • Very Light
  • Light 

When shopping around, pay attention to the color quality of every ring. It’s a tip that can be used with any type of jewelry that holds a diamond.

Clarity of the stone

The clarity of the stone is important because it’s all about the visuals when it comes to rings. Everyone wants to take a look at an engagement ring or wedding ring when they see it. With that in mind, it has to look like a million dollars – even if it didn’t cost a fraction of that!

Clarity includes any flecks or blemishes in the stone and is worth discussing with the jewelers

The cut and style

The cut and style of the ring are other traits worth considering when shopping for a ring. The quality of the cut and style is important because it can be telling if there’s any damage or imperfections to these stones.

If there’s any noticeable damage, then it may be worth walking away from the jewelrs in question. When it comes to online stores, be sure to check the customer reviews for their track record of success in quality.

Carat weight

Carat weight is something that many people look for when it comes to quality in rings. It’s useful to consider how hefty these diamonds feel because it may influence what type of setting it needs to go in, which can change the design and style of the ring.

The weight of a carat should be 0.200 grams. If it’s nowhere near this figure, then it’s worth rethinking the purchase as it might not be the best quality ring.

Reputability of the supplier

What about the supplier of the ring? When it comes to vvs diamonds from YDG, they’re rated positively by customers. However, not all suppliers will have the same glistening reputation. It’s important to be wary of what reputation the supplier has and whether it’s trustworthy enough.

Assessing the quality of a ring is important because it can be easy to buy something for a lot of money, for it not to be worth its value in materials and appearance. With that being said, be careful when shopping for a ring. Make sure to do the research and follow the four C’s when it comes to rings; color, clarity, cut, and carat.

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