When it comes to having privacy, it seems that many of us don’t seem to have much of it. In this day and age, where everything’s online, you’re not so far away from an opportunity for social media sleuths trying to catch you dancing solo to Backstreet Boys in your back garden for their Tiktok clout.

If you’re someone who likes to maintain their privacy, or what little is available to claw back, then the home is somewhere that you should have it. Your garden space should also be private so here are a few tips for keeping it private this year.

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Replace old fencing or add new fencing to the parameters

How is your current fencing holding up? Perhaps you don’t have fencing and your garden is just open for anyone to step onto.

Updating any old fencing or installing some new fencing to your parameters can provide you with that sense of security in your own home. A DFW fence contractor is a worthwhile choice when you’re thinking of adding 

Use pergolas to shield your garden from above

For those that want to add some privacy from above, pergolas or parasols are a great option. Your home may be located in a space where there are a lot of homes around you, all looking into your garden.

If that’s the case, then pergolas are a great way to help shield your home from Dave next door who keeps snooping in on your samosa Saturdays. 

Construct a summer house

To help keep the nosy neighbors out of your sight, why not construct a summer house? If your garden has enough space to accommodate it, this can be a great way to add more privacy. Not only that but it’s a good way of adding some extra value to your home and garden.

Summer houses are great for storing outdoor furniture and for creating an outdoor space to lounge in.

Grow larger plants and plant trees

Creating privacy can be helped by mother nature herself. Growing larger plants and plants that climb your fences is a great way to provide more privacy.

You may also want to consider installing more trees in your home. You can get young trees planted in your back garden and over the years, these trees will grow to a great size. Providing you with ample coverage as well as delivering more greenery to your garden, what’s not to love?

Have security systems looking out into your garden

Finally, if you’re tired of neighbors looking into your garden or you’ve had neighbors invade your garden space before then security systems are a great deterrent. Install these CCTV cameras on the back of your house so that they overlook the garden itself. This is a great way of helping take back some of that much-needed privacy you’re after.

Keeping your garden private is something that’s easily achievable, so make sure to improve upon your home’s privacy this year.

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