As we gear up for the new year and even the new decade, many of us put our resolutions out into the universe in hopes we’ll stick to them this year. Things, like exercising more or limiting our screen time, are quite common. A great direction to aim for this year is enhancing your home. Focusing on your environment can give you the boost you need to stay true to your various other resolutions. Read on below for 4 ways to optimize your home this January. 

Pack up the holidays

This is the perfect time to pack away the holidays and all the decor that has come with it. To truly enhance your home to set you up for a successful year, you have to take time to declutter and store away your seasonal Christmas decorations. While Christmas does bring a certain type of joy to your home, it’s important to move on and embrace the new year. If you aren’t quite ready to pack up those decorations or are lacking the right pieces to replace them, you can always put your creative cap on and repurpose them! Cutting up the Christmas tree before you put it on the curb is a great place to start. Use those branches to add a little winter touch to your mantels and throughout the shelves within your home.

Update your look

From Hygge to adding in an accent wall, there are plenty of small ways to enhance your living area for the ‘new you’ this year. If you constantly feel stressed and need a nice sanctuary to come home to, Hygge might be the best thing for you. While still staying stylish and practical for everyday living, it simultaneously gives you a comfortable place to decompress. However, if it’s a splash of something new you crave, try painting one of the walls in your bedroom or kitchen a completely different color. Without doing much, you are transforming the whole look of the room.

Systemize everything

Organization will always play a huge role in our success. Whether it’s in your workplace or even just your closet at home, organization will give you a better mindset and start to the day and even year! Looking across your home and finding the area that seems to be a cluttered hot spot is a great way to get an idea of where to focus. Once you figure this out, take a day to clear this space out and work to make it less of an eyesore! Finding the right storage solutions is crucial. This way, when you are finished using an item, it is easy to place them right back in their home!z

Incorporate greenery

Not only will this add a splash of color, but adding in plant life has also been proven to improve quality of life and your wellness. With the added greenery it will increase your concentration and even improve your memory retention. You can’t go wrong with adding a little fresh oxygen into your living space. If you don’t have that green thumb to keep these plants alive, fake ones still have many benefits. There’s something about adding in pops of color to an area to give you that jolt of energy you didn’t know you needed.

For more ideas of New Year’s Resolutions, refer here. Comment below with your resolution, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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