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Between both kids being in school now and me trying to get the whole family eating healthier, I have made Sundays a prep day. I try to have everything I am going to cook for the week if not completely ready, then at least put together so that mornings are not out of control, lunch (which is only for the husband and me) is not a headache to figure out, and dinner prep time is cut down.

Getting the Kitchen on My Side

When you are trying to prep meals, school lunches, and snacks ahead of time, the way the kitchen is set up and how you use your counter space is really important—if you want to make the process as easy as possible, that is.

Because I have always been a fan of working smarter rather than working harder, I sat down on Saturday and figured out what my menu for the next week is going to be.

Keep your kitchen organized with storage containers

I am actually using a service for keto meals that gives me a complete menu for the week with the list of ingredients and recipes.

Having that figured out makes things even easier, and because the kids are not having lunch here, they can have their carbs at lunchtime, and we can all have a keto-friendly dinner.

How to Make the Process Easier

Healthy snacks everyday

Once I have all the ingredients for my meals, the next step is to wash and clean everything so that I just need to grab what I need as I go.

One thing I did to get the kitchen to be more functional while prepping my meals was to place some of my ingredients in kitchen storage canisters.

Storage canister facilitate prep time

If you decided to use canisters in your kitchen, then you get something that is functional and will not take up all your kitchen counter.

I, of course, wanted something that looks nice and that will be an asset to my kitchen.

I did a small kitchen upgrade and got a few of the Spritz Stackable Storage Canisters from ZAK designs, which are not only great for keeping your kitchen clutter-free but are also very cute and coordinate with some drinkware from the same brand.

We love ZAK drinkware, and the storage canisters have proven to be a great addition to our kitchen.

Why These Storage Canisters?

Freeze fruits for an easy snack

There are several reasons why these canisters were just perfect for us.

As I mentioned before, they coordinate with ZAK dinnerware and drinkware.

Also, the lid has a gasket to keep the food fresh, and the canisters are made from BPA-free, high-quality, and durable material.

But what really sold me on these canisters was that you can easily stack multiple canisters, save space, and still have them look great on my kitchen counter.

Once I had the storage solution out of the way, prepping became a lot easier. The canisters allow me to easily asset what I have in a matter of seconds, so I know what I need to add to my shopping list.

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