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If I’ve said it once, then I’ve said it twice, and I will keep saying that when it comes to travel, the gear you chose can make a huge difference.

I have done a fair amount of traveling by myself and with the kids. In either scenario, organization, planning, and believe it or not, luggage has been the element to the success or failure of my travels.

One of the biggest challenges I have found is organizing my suitcases so that everything is within reach. That is even truer when it comes to the carry-on.

Choices, Choices!

I know from experience how important suitcases are, so I take the time to think about what I need my suitcase and carry on to accomplish for me. Of course, that varies from trip to trip when it comes to the big suitcases.

The carry-on, however, is pretty much always the same for me. It has to carry all my most important items that are allowed in a carry-on and be accessible, easy to use, and durable!

Another thing to take into consideration is the size. You need to make sure ahead of time that your suitcase is within the size limits that the airlines allow, or you might be facing a very unpleasant surprise at the very beginning of your trip.

I have been doing back and forth about what to bring on my trips for years, and I often change my mind several times about my carry-on.

My latest attempt to get the perfect carry-on bag is the Pakt One. You may or may not be familiar with the brand. Pakt originally appeared in the documentary, Minimalism. After that, Malcolm Fontier received thousands of requests to bring the bag back.

In 2017, Pakt teamed up with Sprout Studios and videographer Matt D’Avella to introduce a new, improved version: the One. While overhyped products have often proven to be more publicity than anything else, that is certainly not the case with this bad boy.

The Pakt One

Designed for ease of use and comfort, the bag features a zip-around dual-compartment design for maximum organization and easy access to everything you need while en route. It’s made with durable, high-quality materials and is carry-on approved.

I was surprised to see the size of the package when the bag was delivered. It gave me the impression that the Pakt One was going to be a tad small and not all I expected. But after taking a look at the bag, my first impression was proven wrong.

While the bag stores very compactly, it fits way more than I could have ever anticipated!

I love the zip-around feature. It allows me to quickly locate whatever I need without having to dig or empty half of the contents of my bag.

Tons of Organizing Space

The bag has zippered front pockets to keep the items that you might need to access during your trip (cell phone, tablet, passport, wallet). There’s also a TSA pocket (mesh pocket) on the opposite side that you can pull out if you need to quickly show the contents. I love this feature!

My favorite part is the padded internal laptop pocket that fits up to a 15″ computer, and you can access it from the top zipper or the inside.

The Top Selling Point

The Pakt One is an approved carry-on size for all major airlines. You can easily fit it under airplane seats and in overhead compartments! Because the bag has a soft construction, you can slide it into spaces other bags wouldn’t fit.

The bag is 20″ × 10″ × 11″ (50.8 cm × 25.4 cm × 27.9 cm), with an empty weight of 3.25 lbs. It has a 35-liter capacity and folds very small, which makes storing this bag really easy when not in use. That is right. This bag will take up very little closet space when stowed away.

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