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Traveling can be stressful for anyone, and even more so for small kids. If you think about it, you are taking them out of their environment and placing them in a different one that is completely unknown to them. This new environment can cause some anxiety and distress.

To reduce the anxiety of traveling on small children, bring along their favorite blanket and a couple of their favorite toys so they have something familiar with them. What to bring along would, of course, depend on your child’s age. A baby, for example, might need his luvvie or favorite teddy bear. An older child would do better with a safety blanket or favorite toys.

The goal is to make your child feel safe and surrounded by familiar things so he has an outlet for the anxiety of being in a strange environment.

Pack the Right Items

Because you are traveling and the amount of things you can bring along is limited, you will need to pack items and toys that are easy to pack and carry along. My son, for example, loves PLAYMOBIL figurines and sets. The brand recently released a selection of carrying cases that are great for kids who are on the go. The different carry cases come with a theme for either boys or girls, are lightweight and compact, and can be easily brought along in a carry-on, backpack, or suitcase.


Great for Pretend Play

These little sets are great for pretend play anywhere you are because they have their own case. Kids can play with them virtually anywhere there is a flat surface.


What I really like about these PLAYMOBIL sets is that they fuel kids’ imaginations, and there are no batteries needed—just good ol’ pretend play!

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