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Traveling with kids can be quite challenging and even more so when you are traveling with an infant or a toddler.

On many occasions, I have traveled with one or both my kids all by myself and going through customs and airport security with the kids and their gear can be a real nightmare. Since the very first time I took my daughter on a trip, I have always made a point of getting the right gear for my trips.


It is quite simple, really. The right travel gear and luggage can and will make your travel experience a lot easier when you are traveling with kids.

Staying Organized is Paramount

Organization is key to hassle-free travel with kids, and while it might sound logical, you would be surprised at how easy it is to lose this basic principle and end up with a chaotic bag. Have you ever tried to find something in your carry-on and had to empty the whole bag to find the one piece you were looking for? Been there, done that! And it can be one the most mortifying things, especially if you have a crying baby waiting on you.


Different Methods

I have tried many different methods to stay organized while traveling with kids, and some of them have been helpful but not a complete success.

Packing cubes have been a great way to stay organized, but more than once I have had to go through all my cubes to find what I was looking for. This is something that would happen while traveling with kids or not.


Launched in 2003, Storksak delivers stylish and functional travel and diaper bags for parents on the go who are not looking to compromise. It offers high-quality travel solutions to simplify your travel-with-kids experience.


Storksak offers beautiful bags with smart silhouettes, luxurious and water-resistant materials, and lightweight construction, along with excellent craftsmanship.







The Answer to My Prayers

The Storksak cabin/carry-on wheeled travel bag is the best way I have found to stay organized while traveling with kids or by myself. The handy travel bag has a smart hanging organizer that allows me to pack, hang up, and choose my clothing without having to unpack. It’s simply genius!



I can unpack the bag without having to spill the contents. I simply hang the organizer and can the complete contents of my bag in a glance.

While its products are meant for moms, the reality is that these beautiful bags can be used and loved by anyone, kids or no kids.

I love the design, quality, and ease-of-use of these trendy travel bags!

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