Do you have a favorite childhood toy that you still remember till this day? I was never one to play with dolls, but the one toy I was always happy to play with was the Playmobil sets and I remember playing with them with my brothers.

It was always good pretend play and one of those toys that you can play with no matter if you were a boy or a girl and I had those sets for a long time…I just love the little character and different themes that we get with these so fun toys.

Playmobil Ice Cream Truck
Pretend play is good for kid’s development

Providing your kids with the right tools to have a good old pretend play time is not only good for their social skills, is also great for brain development and social interaction… It is also a great and healthy way to give your kids some play time that does not involve any computer screen, batteries or power cords.

I loved my pretend play toys and sets

Kids now days spend way too much time in front of TV screens. I didn’t have nearly as much screen time and I still had lots of fun with my brother and by myself and I want to make sure my kids have the same opportunity to explore the pretend play world.

Playmobil Ice Cream Tuck
Why I like the Playmobil sets

Playmobil has been around for over 40 years and kids all over the world have played with and love the iconic figures.

There are many reasons to like these cute sets, but the fact that they are always adding new sets and the ways to add these to your kids pretend play time is limitless….I have a few different sets for my daughter ( the little one is not quite ready for them yet), and she loves them!

They make great items to collect and I try to get her a different set for special occasions like her birthday and this year she got one of my and now her favorites, the Playmobil Ice Cream Truck which is just perfect for summer time!

You can step up to the truck window to order your ice cream… What kid doesn’t love an ice cream truck? This is the chance for your kids to be the salesman in the ice cream truck…The set is equipped with 64 pieces. To get your ice cream selling and sharing going you will find cones and dishes along with 4 different figurines that includes the sales man and three kids to complete the scene.

There is also the ice cream truck of course, a table, ice cream, cones, dishes, ice cream scoop, beverages, and other accessories so your kids will have no problem using the set and they will have lots of pretend play fun this summer!


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