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This coming holiday, the husband decided to surprise the family with a cruise. YAY hubby, we are all excited because we love cruise ships and this is going to be my little man’s first experience at sea and to celebrate I thought a cruise ship set of one of our favorite brands was just an amazing way to get him started on the whole cruising experience!

I said it before and I will say it again, we are big fans of the Playmobil sets and their super fun themes and this time they have outdone themselves with this new set that features a complete cruise ship with amenities.

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The pretend cruise ship comes loaded with fun for an unforgettable vacation and both sections of the ship, can be pulled out of the ship’s hull for a better way to play with the figures and the amenities on the boat.

To make things even more fun, the pool can be filled up and has a slide in the sundeck area and right next to the restaurant and bridge with a removable roof.

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The set also includes a lifeboat that can float in case of emergencies…You have to be prepared!

The super cute cruise ship includes three adult figures, along with 2 children figures, a life boat, lounge chairs, luggage, furniture, food, beverages, and several other accessories to enhance the pretend play experience when your little one sets sail on this awesome pretend cruise ship.

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The ship is about 29.1×14.2×8.3 inches (LxWxH) and needs some assembly, so you will need to help your kids in setting up the set if they are not old enough. It is always a fun family activity. Be warned, the set has small parts that can pose as a choking hazard and it is not meant for kids under 3.

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There are extra parts that can be added to the set ( sold separately ) for an even better play experience. You can add an underwater motor to the floating lifeboat or a stage for the singing show.

These sets are great not just for pretend play, but as collectibles as Playmobil has so many great different sets that are really easy to build up a collection and add different sets when you need a gift for a special occasion.


I love it when the kids do pretend play and the different scenarios Playmobil offers are perfect for hours of good old pretend play…I would rather my kids not be in front of the TV or electronics all day when we are indoors and this is definitely a great way to avoid that and have fun at the same time!

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