One of the first things I cut out when I decided to go on a diet and lose weight was soda pop. I would usually have one or two cans a day to go with my meals—it really helped me settle my stomach, and I loved it—so cutting it out cold turkey was certainly not in my plans.

My Alternative

As a replacement, I decided to try sparkling water. I was not sure how that was going to work, but I was willing to try.

To my surprise, I really liked sparkling water and was able to quit drinking soda pop right away. There are no calories, no sugar, and none of the stuff I was trying to avoid in the soda drinks.

The downside was that one thing I also hated from soda pop: the cans I ended up with at the end of the week.

Once I knew that sparkling water was a great solution for me, I decided to go a step further and look for a can-free option. Got to think of the environment, right?

A Fridge Can Solve Your Problem

Yes, there are fridges now with built-in soda makers that will allow you to add some fizz to your regular drinking water. The only problem with that option is that you are looking at a $3,000+ price tag.

There is, however, a more accessible solution for bubbly-water drinkers who also have an appreciation for the planet, and it comes in the form of a stylish and compact sparkling water maker.

One-Touch Fizz

The SodaStream sparkling water maker allows you to take your regular tap water and add fizz in a matter of seconds, transforming your ordinary water into delicious sparkling water.

With three levels of carbonation to choose from, you can custom make the perfect sparkling water, and thanks to the Soda Stream flavor drops, you can add one of many different flavors t for a refreshing drink at any time.

This electric sparkling water maker is available in either black or white to match your décor.

Chose the hydration pack for $169.67 $129.99, which includes

• One sparkling water maker
• Two carbonating cylinders
• Two one-liter bottles
• Free shipping
• Two-year warranty

Or chose the starter pack for $119.99, which includes
• One sparkling water maker
• One carbonating cylinder
• One one-liter bottle
• Free shipping
• two-year warranty

Win it:

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