I think the word quarantine has a whole new meaning for the whole world right now, and we all have been coping with it in different ways… Cooking, reading, DIY projects, gardening… The list goes on and on, but my point is that we have all tried to find something to keep our minds from the situation we are all in and make the best of it.

I, for once, have taken on gardening and love growing, caring, and even propagating indoor houseplants, and I will tell you all about it in a different post.

My daughter took a liking to bake, which is great that our 13 years old, like the kitchen and learning how to cook different dishes.


You probably have guessed it… Being in the house much more than we usually do or simply not going out at all periods, and having a baking enthusiast in the kitchen can be contra-productive!

Minimizing the damage

Because I was doing good right before the whole world had to be put in lockdown and exercising regularly, I wanted to keep the ball rolling and went back to take my 5 miles walk which has been a double blessing, as it allows me to exercise and decompress!

The earlier the better

Because I live in South Florida and the sun comes out with a vengeance pretty early in the morning, and because there are fewer people around at that time, I grab my Tranya Rimor earbuds and head out.

I need my music

I can go on my 5-mile walk, no problem, as long as I have music, no music, no walk, so I have learned that a good Earbud is high on my priority list.

Now call me crazy, but I rather not spend crazy amounts of money on an Earbud (especially now), so the Rimor has been an invaluable ally for me?


Well, quite simply, its Key features are:
1. 10mm nano-ti coated dynamic driver (3x more detailed than a typical 6mm driver creates)
2. Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 audio codec technology (Chipset)
3. Passive noise cancellation
4. Dual-master design (it’s upgraded compared to master-slave design)
5. Up to 5-hour playtime per charge, and 40 hours in total with charging case
6. IPX5 water and sweat resistant
7. Lightweight: each bud weighs only 5 grams.
8. Type C charging
9. Fast charging: charge 10 minutes and can use 90 minutes.

Great little earbuds with a price tag of $79.99, which is a bit on the higher end, but the quality and sound deliver are good, so these are a nice middle-range price Earbud.

Sleek design, comfortable fit, excellent sound delivery, and a very convenient carrying case that doubles as a charger.
I play my workout music off my iPod, but these allow you to answer your calls.

Excellent addition to my workout routine and an essential ally during quarantine!

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