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As you might remember, we have been looking to move for quite a while now, and have recently found what, I think, is the perfect home for us. We left the condo life to start a new life in a new single-family home. We love the location, love the neighborhood and even the house distribution, but (there is always a but).


There are things that come along with a ground floor and backyard and if you are thinking bugs, you are absolutely correct.

Mosquitoes are my main concern

Pesky mosquitoes are one if not my main concern, not just because they can transmit a long list of diseases , but also because my son is allergic to their bites. Ever since he was a baby, he has a big allergic reaction to all mosquito bites, something I learned about during his first trip to the Dominican Republic.


mosquitoes, mosquito bites

I can’t lock him up inside the house forever, can I?

Because I can not keep him from playing in the backyard and enjoying his new open spaces, getting rid of mosquitoes is one of my main concerns and certainly not an easy task…Did I mention we are right next to a pond?

Yes, water bodies are great, but usually means that there are also mosquitoes and other bugs, walking behind him with a bug zapper is not very practical or realistic. I looked for more effective ways to keep him bite-free while he is outside.


No pesticides

I guess a simple solution would be to bombard my yard with pesticides every so often but do I really want my kids playing on something that has poison? I’ll go with no!


Mosquito traps?

While doing some research I came across a mosquito trap that seems promising with a nice design, so it would not be an eyesore in my backyard and, more importantly, helps keep the mosquito population at a safe distance from you and your family.

Dynatrap specializes in mosquito and bug traps and offers a great selection to fit your needs. One of the latest additions to the Dynatrap family is the ¼ Acre DT600 LED ATRAKTA Series Insect Trap which comes in three different finishes and features a sleek designed metal insect trap.

The DT600

This cool looking insect trap would make a nice addition to the backyard décor, but better yet, the insect trap utilizes an eco-friendly LED bulb which, by the way, never needs to be replaced, and does not contain mercury.


The bulb should last up to 40,000 hours and attracts traps and kills flying insects like mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, stink bugs, and other pesky insects.

I Love it

I really like the fact that thanks to these mosquito traps, I do not need to add any chemicals to my backyard to get rid of insects and that I have an element that can pass as part of the décor while eliminating the flying bugs!

Win it

Dyntrap has kindly offered two lucky Born 2 Impress reader, the chance to win a free  DT600 LED ATRAKTA Series Insect Trap!

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